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16 Week Diet & Lifestyle Remodel

16 Week Diet & Lifestyle Remodel

Update: SOLD OUT


Are you tired of spinning your wheels and not progressing any closer towards your physique goal? How about your calories? Would you consider your current calorie intakes as sustainable? Would you like to be able to eat more and see results?

This 16 Week Coaching Program is all about making long term behavioral changes that will help you reach your physique goals!

Weather this is to lose weight, repair your metabolism or build muscle, this 16 Week coaching program is for you!

Don’t let bad nutrition habits keep holding you back in life. Learn the science, get educated and get started this JUNE 1st from my amazing team of Nutrition coaches!

Program inclusions:

  • Tailored nutrition recommendations
  • Macros / Calorie breakdown
  • Flexible dieting education
  • Weekly one on one check ins
  • Access to the Biolayne Workout builder (Access to 30 + evidence based training programs for all training levels and goals, with the ability to customize your program to suit not only your preferences, but select exercise equipment you have access to)
  • Post Coaching support and nutrition advice

Update: SOLD OUT

To inquire about this program,
please email ? any of my amazing team!



– Holly Baxter