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Las Vegas Seminar hosted by Layne Norton, Holly Baxter, Paul Revelia, and Andres Vargas

Las Vegas Seminar 9-16-2018

Come learn from the top experts in nutrition, training, and coaching. For the first time in Las Vegas, Layne Norton, Holly Baxter, Paul Revelia, and Andres Vargas spend 6 hours with you discussing cutting edge topics in nutrition and training.


Topics covered will include:

  • Why Your Diet SUCKS: Mistakes That are Keeping You From the Body You Want by Layne Norton, PhD Nutritional Sciences
  • Why You Are NOT Tracking Your Macros Correctly and How That Limits Your Progress by Holly Baxter, MS Dietetics
  • Optimal Contest Prep: Prepping Properly for Results: A full life cycle from choosing which show to do, to dieting, peaking, and reversing by Paul Revelia, MS
  • How to Program Properly for Your Goals by Andres Vargas, MS Exercise Science


Meet The Speakers

Each of the speakers bring unique perspectives and abilities. Dr. Norton has been in the industry over 14 years and has coached over 1500 people including some of the top physique athletes in the world as well as conducted scientific research in nutrition that has been published in various esteemed scientific journals including the Journal of Nutrition, Nutrition and Metabolism, the American Journal of Physiology, The Journal for International Society for Sports Nutrition, and numerous others. He also has the perspective of an athlete himself having had great success in professional bodybuilding AND powerlifting. His unique perspective and expertise on nutrition coupled with his in the trenches experience and his one of a kind seminar style make his seminars a ‘can’t miss.’

Holly Baxter also comes from a successful sporting background, first as a track athlete who competed for Australia in the Junior World Games as a teenager and then as a 2x Natural World Champion Fitness Model with the PNBA. Couple that with her impressive education combining a Bachelors in Food Science and a Masters in Dietetics as well as a successful coaching business and there are few people more qualified in the world to talk about nutrition as it relates to losing fat and gaining muscle.

Paul Revelia is the owner of Team Pro Physique, a wildly successful coaching company that has turned countless men and women pro in physique sports. Paul himself won a natural pro card in bodybuilding and has competed with great success for almost a decade. His experience coaching competitors makes him an expert in contest preparation and how to approach it properly.

Andres Vargas has a Masters in Exercise Science and is owner of The Strength Cave, a successful coaching company. He has coached both powerlifting and physique athletes and is an expert in programming. As Layne’s personal coach for powerlifting, there is no one Layne trusts more to talk about programming for building muscle and gaining strength.

Don’t miss your chance to book now at the discounted rate of $99 for the first 30 people ONLY who book before rates increase to the regular rate of $149. This is a huge bargain to learn from these experts in nutrition and training for 6 hours, and if you are a coach yourself you simply cannot afford to miss this.


Seminar Info

  • Date: Sunday, September 16th
  • Time: 10am to 4pm
  • Venue: The Strip Crossfit, Las Vegas, NV
  • Address: 4325 Dean Martin Dr. Unit 315, Las Vegas, NV 89103


Early Bird Tickets $99 Sold Out