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Coaching and Squat PRs: Two New Training Programs

Laye Norotn

Remember when I told you that we had over 15 more workouts coming to the workout builder? You’re in luck. You’ll love what I have in store for you today.


Squat Peaking Program

First, we have a new powerlifting program for you. It’s a squat specialization program designed to ramp up your 1rm back squat without sacrificing any strength in your bench or deadlift. Awesome, right?

If you compete, or even if you plan to compete, and you need to get your total up, or if you just want a stronger squat, this one’s for you.

This level five workout includes:

  • Three days of squats so that the extra frequency builds the skill
  • More volume to increase your progressive overload so you can skyrocket your max in a shorter time
  • Quad and glute focused accessory work so you don’t have any weak links
  • Core work so that you have a stronger spine
  • Unilateral leg work so you can work on better stability and balance


Holly Baxter’s Hybrid Program – Phase 1

Not only do we have to the squat program, but we also have Holly’s new hybrid training program ready for you.

This program focuses on building, or increasing, your strength base while training your glamour muscles. It’s also perfect for intermediate lifters. So it’s the perfect package of strength and beauty. With Holly’s program you will:

  • Lift four days a week
  • Focus on a series of upper body and lower body lifts for both speed and increased strength
  • Have parts of your split dedicated to keeping your core strong so you can increase stability during the big lifts

So if you need to up your squat game, or you just want to be as strong as you look, we have you covered.


Finally, we have another surprise for you.

The limited edition Diamond Membership is open again.

If you didn’t know, the Diamond Membership is a one time payment of $299.99 and it guarantees you a lifetime membership. No hidden fees, no extra charges, no chicanery.

With the Diamond Membership, you get:

  • Lifetime access to all the articles, past webinars, weekly Q&A so you have knowledge at your fingertips
  • Every single program past, present or future in the workout builder, so you will be privy to all the new workouts as they are released
  • Personalized diet coaching so that you don’t have to rely on a calculator
  • Did I mention this membership is for life?

There is a word of caution, though. The Diamond Membership plan has limited of space. As a result, we are only offering it to the first ten people who take advantage of this offer.

So if you want:

  • Personalized macro coaching from me and my team
  • Lifetime access to the archives and all future content
  • Access to the workout builder and everything to come within it
  • A ridiculously good deal on all of that

Then the Diamond Membership is for you, so act now. But what if you are already a member? Consider this a worthwhile upgrade.

There you have it. We have the squat peaking program, Holly’s Hybrid, and ten Diamond Memberships. Head on over to the website, snag yours, and become a member today.