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Holly Baxter’s Road To Worlds

Holly Baxter's Road To Worlds

Hey guys, Holly here! I have some SUPER exciting news to share with you!

Today marks the beginning of my journey back to the stage where I’ll be competing for the title of WBFF World Champion Pro Fitness Model. I’d love for you all to join in and share this experience with me so I’m excited to announce my NEW Road to Worlds Program!

Many of you joined me on my 12 Week Get Lean and Train with Me and my Pro Fitness Model programs, so you have some idea for how I like to do things. This time around, however, I’m doing things a little differently. We will take our training to a whole new level and achieve things we never thought possible as we embark on the Road to Worlds TOGETHER!

How to get started

All you will need to follow along is a subscription to the Biolayne Workout Builder ($12.99 per month) and my Nutrition coaching app, Carbon Diet Coach ($9.99 month). See below for details:

Workouts using the Biolayne Workout Builder

  • For the next several weeks you will be following right alongside me using my current training program which begins Monday, May 31st 2021.
  • This is a 12 week gym-based program with a lower body focus. Hello hamstrings and glutes!
  • The program includes x4 resistance based training sessions per week, with x3 lower body specific sessions, and x1 monstrous upper body session, as well as plenty of core movements scattered throughout.
  • Programs can be modified to suit an ‘at home’ training environment using our advanced workout builder program. If you don’t have access to the suggested exercises or equipment, simply scroll through our suggested exercise alternatives to accommodate the equipment you do have access to.
  • The Workout Builder has over 270 exercise demonstrations to help you with your technique for many of my favorite exercises!
  • You will also receive education and guidance about when and how to make adjustments to your cardio (if necessary), along with education around the effectiveness of having a daily step target to keep you accountable to your average weekly activity levels.
Biolayne Workout Builder

Nutrition using Carbon Diet Coach

Join me and 35,000+ members by signing up to use my nutrition coaching App Carbon Diet Coach. Select your goal of either fat loss, muscle gain, weight maintenance or reverse dieting, enter some key pieces of information about yourself and the coach will do the rest!

Log your meals using our advanced, yet easy to use food tracker, then check in with the coach on your preferred check in day.

The coach uses a science based coaching algorithm, developed by myself and the man himself, Dr. Layne Norton, to analyze your weekly progress and refine your nutrition recommendations to keep you on track towards your goal.

You choose your desired rate of weekly weight loss or allowable weekly weight gain (if reverse dieting or building), and the coach will keep you on track with your goal, just as I would if I were coaching you! <3 For those of you who know me, you know I am a big advocate of Flexible Dieting, so of course the coach is designed to provide you with your daily nutritional targets in the form of calories, protein, carbohydrate and fat. This way you get to choose what you want to eat, rather than follow an unnecessary, restrictive meal plan. It’s that simple!

Carbon Diet Coach

Facebook Community

If you want to connect with others who are also participating in the Road to Worlds program, or simply be a part of our amazing private Facebook group, click the link below. Keep in mind that this group is exclusive to those who have subscribed and are taking the journey with us! https://www.facebook.com/groups/theroadtoworlds

Members are here to not only support and encourage one another through this journey, but to also share experiences, recipes, and answer questions you might have along the way!

For more specific questions relating to Carbon Diet Coach, please feel free to check out our private facebook community with over 8.5k members https://www.facebook.com/carbondietcoach/


Live Q&A on Instagram/Facebook/YouTube

Each week, join me for a live question and answer session where you can chat with me and ask questions about your nutrition, training, and anything else you might like to discuss that helps support you towards your goals!

Carbon Diet Coach also hosts a LIVE Q&A every Friday afternoon across all social media platforms simultaneously (Youtube, Facebook and IG), to help you with anything you want to know about the app!


What happens AFTER the Road to Worlds?


Once my 12 Week Road To Worlds program comes to an end, you are more than welcome to continue your subscription with biolayne.com.

You can look forward to more NEW and exciting program releases for the Biolayne Workout Builder!

The Biolayne Workout Builder has over 50 + unique training programs that cater to all goals and experience levels. These range from strength and powerlifting, bodybuilding and hypertrophy, as well as glute focus and female specific programs.

If you ever feel a need to take a break from my programs you are, of course, welcome to cancel your membership without penalty. If you are unable to continue your program due to extenuating circumstances, please contact us for assistance.


If you enjoy using the coach to help you achieve your nutrition goals (which I am certain you will!), you are also more than welcome to continue your subscription with Carbon Diet Coach.

If you’ve reached your dream dream physique, and no longer need use of the coach, simply cancel your subscription without penalty. After any long diet, it’s important to consider the implications this can have on your metabolic health, so for me, I will be switching goals and ‘reverse dieting’ with Carbon, to ensure that my health markers stay in check.


Any Questions

Feel free to reach out to myself or my team at any time during your journey if you need help!
Email: samantha@biolayne.com