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Introducing Carbon

As many of you know, I have been alluding to a huge announcement for some time now, and here it is. I am starting my own supplement company. Here is a video explaining the company and the first two products: Prep and Recover.

You can find the products here:

The summary of the video is the following

  • Carbon is no BS marketing and NO Proprietary blends
  • Carbon is distributed exclusively through
  • First two products are 1)  a Non-stimulant based pre-workout, ‘Carbon Prep’ which contained ingredients to improve workout performance, reduce fatigue, and enhance focus. 2) A recovery product ‘Carbon Recover’ contains ingredients to increase muscle protein synthesis, reduce protein breakdown, decrease muscle soreness, and enhance recovery from exercise.
  • Products are manufactured in a GMP certified plant that tests for purity and accuracy of label claims.

I hope you enjoy the products,

-Layne Norton