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Shred with Layne

Shred with Layne

Many of my new followers only know me for science and maybe a little bit of my powerlifting career. But before I smashed a squat world record and smashed broscientists on social media, I was known for being a pro natural bodybuilder, and a pretty good one to boot. My last show was 10 years ago and since then I took a long break to focus on my business, powerlifting, and my family.

I had originally planned to compete at nationals for powerlifting this year, but it was cancelled due to COVID and it doesn’t really make sense to do a small meet since the only thing that really interests me is doing big meets. I’ve decided to use the next 8 weeks to get as lean as possible while retaining as much muscle mass as possible for a photoshoot at the end of the shred. Since Holly’s ‘Get Lean and Train with Me’ was so incredibly popular, I figured why not let you guys do it with me.

All you will need to follow along is a subscription to the Workout Builder and Carbon Diet Coach. As I will be using BOTH for this fat loss phase. My nutrition will be taken care of by Carbon Diet Coach and my training program will be available on the BioLayne Workout Builder. See below for details:

Training using the Workout Builder

  • For the next 8 weeks you will be following right alongside me using my current training programs available on the Biolayne Workout Builder.
  • This is 8 weeks of gym-based programming with a hybrid focus of training for maximum muscular development while also emphasizing strength progressions.
  • The program includes x5 resistance based training sessions per week and can be modified to suit an ‘at home’ training environment using our advanced workout programmer. If you don’t have access to the suggested equipment, simply scroll through our exercise selections to accommodate what you do have access to.
  • An awesome feature of the Workout Builder is that it has over 270 exercise demonstrations to help you with your technique for many of my favorite exercises.
Biolayne Workout Builder

Nutrition using Carbon Diet Coach

  • I will be using Carbon Diet Coach to get me ready for my photoshoot in 8 weeks. In order to lose maximum fat and retain maximum muscle, I will be incorporating nutritional periodization using diet breaks and refeeds. Carbon Diet Coach makes it very easy to utilize these tools. Make sure you follow along with my 8 week shred on instagram and youtube so you can see how I program these tools using the app. Sign up to the App on iOS or android and select your membership (monthly, 6 months, and yearly are available). Select your goal of either fat loss, muscle gain, weight maintenance or reverse dieting, enter some key pieces of information about yourself and the coach will literally do the rest.
  • The coach uses a science based coaching algorithm, developed by myself, Holly, and fellow dietitian Keith Kraker, to analyze your weekly progress and refine your nutrition recommendations to keep you on track towards your goal.
  • You get to choose your rate of weekly weight loss or allowable weekly weight gain (if building/reversing), and the coach will keep you on track. Just like I would if I were coaching you.
  • For those of you who know me, I am a big advocate of ‘Flexible Dieting’, so as it stands, the coach is designed to provide you with your daily nutritional targets in the form of calories, protein, carbohydrate and fat. This way you get to choose what you want to eat, rather than follow a restrictive meal plan. It’s that simple.
  • Log your meals using our advanced, yet easy to use food tracker, then check in with the coach on your preferred check in day.
Carbon Diet Coach

Facebook Community

If you want to see who else is participating in the 8 Week ’Shred With Layne’ or simply be a part of our amazing Facebook community. Visit

We have over 4000 members who are all here to not only support and encourage you through this journey, but to also share your experiences, recipes, and answer questions you might have along the way. I will be doing weekly live workouts from the program where you can train with me and ask questions exclusively in the community. The group is super active, as are Holly, Keith and myself in answering questions you might have about the coach or anything to do with the Shred program!


Once you achieve your goal, what’s next?


Once my Shred with Layne Program comes to an end, you are more than welcome to continue your subscription with Carbon Diet Coach. If you achieve your dream physique and no longer want to use the coach, you can simply cancel your subscription with carbon. Or perhaps like me, you’re off to relax and enjoy a vacation and a beer or two, you can switch goals to reverse diet!

What about Training

Biolayne workout builder has over 40 unique training template systems that cater to all goals. These range from strength and powerlifting, bodybuilding and hypertrophy, as well as glute focus and female specific programs. What’s great is that these also accommodate beginners who are new to resistance training, right through to advanced athletes. If you enjoyed my Shred program on the workout builder, you are welcome to stick around and use my, or any of our other awesome programs!

If you wish to cancel your subscription to the Workout Builder, you can do so at any time.


Any Questions

Feel free to reach out to myself or my team at any time during your journey if you need help!