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Time to get Strong and Jacked

Layne Norton Deadlifting

It’s time to roll out the next two phases of our workout builder. For the powerlifters amongst you, we have the next step in your quest to increase your total.

And this time it involves everyone’s favorite—the deadlift.

Much like the squat peaking program, you get:

  • Increased frequency so you can get the requisite time under tension and practice
  • Level four difficulty so you can expect a challenge and worthwhile increases
  • Five days a week of training so you can have two recovery days while accommodating the extra frequency

Not only do we have the 13 week deadlift program, but we also have phase two of Holly’s Hybrid Program available.

With this, you get:

  • The focus on strength with added accessory work so you can grow in size and strength
  • Four days a week of training so you have three days of recovery to grow
  • A level three difficulty which continues and builds upon the first phase

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