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Train With Layne

Layne Norton

Big announcement for you all today. The highlight of my training lately has been the fact that I actually am squatting now, and I am now squatting four plates again. It’s a far cry from where I was before, but I am building a better foundation, and I will be stronger.

Not only that, but have you seen Holly lately? She’s looking damn good and her delts are really showing up lately, now that she’s dieting down again. And just how did we both get there?

Well, that’s the good news. It’s all available on our workout builder.

First up, we have the continuing phase of Holly’s Hybrid Program. Just like before, it’s a difficulty three, it focuses on increasing the compound lifts, and building your aesthetics. However, this time, we upped the frequency and volume a bit compared to last time, so it will involve more workouts. You’ll now be training five days in phase three as opposed to the four training days in the first two phases.

Second, we have a bench specialization phase to go along with the previous squat and deadlift specialization programs. Like the others, it’s a five day per week program with a focus on the bench press, and the requisite accessory work, with a level four difficulty rating.

Finally, we have the programming template that has put me back up into the four plate club after so many months away. Just like every other template on the workout builder, you don’t have to do the exact same exercises I do. In fact, you shouldn’t.

The gem here is that you have the added bonus of more direct core work, in both a unilateral and bilateral fashion. To excel in powerlifting, you need more rigidity to withstand the compression forces AND generate the necessary force to hit the big lifts. To that end we have

McGill’s big three, that he passed down to me to help me rehab my back
Spinal endurance work in the form of unilateral loaded carries to build more muscular tension
Front loading on certain exercises (the belt squats) to help balance out all of the spinal compression
A focus on accessory work so you build up the parts of the whole for a better foundation

Of course, you don’t have to have a focus on the back squat or barbell bench, you have choices. Make the choice that’s best for you. But you would be crazy not to use this template to your advantage, whether you have had an injury or not.


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