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Bernardo López

Bernardo López

Bernardo López is from Ecuador and graduated with a Business Administration degree from Universidad San Francisco de Quito in 2018. Since he was nine years old, he practiced capoeira, a Brazilian sport/martial art. Falling in love with this sport, Bernardo decided to enter the gym to gain muscle to excel at capoeira. When he began in this world, he noticed that there is a severe lack of information and misconceptions regarding nutrition and training. Having this in mind, he decided to certify himself, completing the FOCA (Fitness Online Coaching Academy) certifications of Nutritional Sciences and Training Methodology. A few years later, he became a MNU certified nutritionist and completed the Science of Nutrition certification from Dr. Layne Norton. This is where he found his passion: evidence-based fitness. He submerged himself in the evidence-based community, studying from the greatest minds in this industry, who inspired him not to practice business administration, but to become a coach and help other people achieve their goals.

Bernardo is an evidence-based coach who combines the science of nutrition and exercise science with his experience to support and guide his clients to achieve their objectives on body composition (fat loss and muscle building).

Besides being a fitness enthusiast, he is married and has a little boy, loves spending time with his family, and really enjoys eating out and going to the movies to watch Marvel films.

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