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Bernardo López


Bernardo is an evidence-based coach, who combines the science of nutrition and training alongside his experience to support and guide his clients to achieve their physique goals. He is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in nutrition and training for body composition.

Since he was nine years old, Bernardo practiced capoeira, a Brazilian sport/martial art. After falling in love with this sport and 11 years of training, he decided to incorporate resistance training into his routine to gain muscle and power, and enhance his performance. 

The more time he spent in the fitness and athletic space, the more he realized that there was a severe lack of information and an abundance of misconceptions regarding nutrition and training. As a result, he decided to invest in his education and completed a wide variety of courses including:

  • Nutritional Science Specialist (FOCA)
  • Training Methodology Specialist (FOCA)
  • MNU Nutrition Certification
  • Science of Nutrition by Dr. Layne Norton
  • Applied Hypertrophy Specialization by J3U

It is through these courses that he discovered his passion for evidence-based fitness.

Besides being a fitness enthusiast, he is married, has a little boy, loves spending time with his family, and really enjoys eating out and going to the movies to watch Marvel films.