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Bernardo López

Body Composition Specialist


MS Student Nutrition and Training for Body Composition

Nutritional Science Specialist, FOCA

Training Methodology Specialist, FOCA

MNU Nutrition

Clean Health Institute

Areas of Specialty:

Training and Programming

Body Composition

Muscle Building

General Health and Fitness

*Offers Nutrition and Training

Bernardo is an evidence-based coach, who combines the science of nutrition and training alongside his experience to support and guide his clients to achieve their physique goals. He is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in nutrition and training for body composition.

Since he was nine years old, Bernardo practiced capoeira, a Brazilian sport/martial art. After falling in love with this sport and 11 years of training, he decided to incorporate resistance training into his routine to gain muscle and power, and enhance his performance. 

The more time he spent in the fitness and athletic space, the more he realized that there was a severe lack of information and an abundance of misconceptions regarding nutrition and training. As a result, he decided to invest in his education and completed a wide variety of courses including:

  • Nutritional Science Specialist (FOCA)
  • Training Methodology Specialist (FOCA)
  • MNU Nutrition Certification
  • Science of Nutrition by Dr. Layne Norton
  • Applied Hypertrophy Specialization by J3U

It is through these courses that he discovered his passion for evidence-based fitness.

Besides being a fitness enthusiast, he is married, has a little boy, loves spending time with his family, and really enjoys eating out and going to the movies to watch Marvel films.

Before working with Coach Bernardo, I felt super insecure about myself. I had tried everything, other nutritionists and coaches, diets like Keto, detox juices, fat burners, fasted cardio… and I could go on!⁣⁣⁣ ⁣Once I started working with Bernardo, the main result was that he gave me back the motivation to train again. I LOVE my workouts, being able to follow a diet without any restrictions, and seeing real results. I don’t have the words to thank him for everything he has done for me. He got me out of that place where I was stuck. It has been a year full of learning, many joys, and above all, the goals have been achieved.

Sara Vega

I’ve worked with Bernardo from Biolayne for 6 months and highly recommend both the Biolayne system and Bernardo individually.    Bernardo coached me for both nutrition and macro-setting as well as designing my training program. While I had been training for many years and felt knowledgeable prior to the program, I’ve learned an incredible amount working with Bernardo. My primary goal was focused on body recomposition, which is not always easy for someone with training experience. With Bernardo’s coaching, I’ve dropped my body fat by 40%, added 10 lbs of lean muscle and cut 16 lbs of fat in 6 months. These results are better that I expected and I recently extended our coaching another 6 months.


I started working with Coach Bernardo to lose some weight and body fat before my wedding this year. I’ve tried doing things on my own, but just had a difficult time staying consistent. I restricted myself a lot in my diet and just wasn’t sure if I was doing the right things. Working with Bernardo these last 12 weeks has honestly been so life changing. He was able to show me that I CAN reach my goals by using a flexible dieting approach and pushing myself in the gym. He opened my eyes into just how strong I actually am and constantly challenged me each week to perform at my best. He wasn’t just some random person that gave me a macro and workout plan. He really took the time to get to know me. I can’t recommend Bernardo enough. 

Jordan Redding
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