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Gerald Ernat

Sports Dietitian
Gerald Ernat


Registered Dietitian

Licensed Dietitian

MS Nutrition and Physical Performance

Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics

Certified Personal Trainer, ACSM

Areas of Specialty:

Sports Performance

Strength Athletes

Body Composition

General Health and Fitness

*Offers Nutrition Only

Gerald Ernat received his Bachelor’s in Food, Nutrition, & Dietetics from Illinois State University. In 2017, he completed his Dietetic Internship from Bradley University in Peoria, IL and passed his exam to become a Registered Dietitian. Gerald then worked as an RD and Graduate Assistant at Saint Louis University, where he also received his Master’s in Nutrition & Physical Performance. During graduate school, he was responsible for educating and helping Dietetic interns and students prepare to become future healthcare professionals. Gerald also was heavily involved in research studies and conducted data collection of his own. After graduate school, he gained experience working as a Sports Dietitian with the military, at a bariatric surgery/medical weight loss center, and also at a mental health facility.

Gerald loves competing in multiple strength sports including powerlifting, strongman, and Scottish Highland Games. This has given him the opportunity of working with some of the strongest strength athletes out there. Gerald believes that combining science and practical recommendations allows for his client’s best success to reach their health, physique, and performance goals.

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