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Patrick McCarthy

Sports Performance Nutrition Specialist
Patrick McCarthy


BSc. Sport & Exercise Sciences

MS Human Nutrition

PgDip Performance Nutrition 

Areas of Specialty:

Weightloss for athletes

Athletic Competition Preparation

Injury Recovery Nutrition

*Offers Nutrition and Training

Patrick is a qualified sport and performance nutritionist. He received his BS in Sport & Exercise Science in 2017. During and after this time, he played both semi-professional and college basketball in the top league in Ireland. Patrick then received his MS degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Copenhagen, whilst leading a research project in Ireland investigating health and behavior changes of first year university students upon their admission to college. 

Since then, Patrick has received a postgraduate diploma from the Institute of Performance Nutrition (IOPN), worked as a senior performance nutritionist for a professional football club in Ireland and as a private coach for individuals (both everyday and active). 

Since his relocation to the US, Patrick has spoken at over 40+ workshops with military, firefighters, Navy, FBI and more. He is passionate about helping individuals optimize their nutrition and improve performance in:

  • Their job and career 
  • Lifestyle goals (fat loss, health improvement); 
  • Training goals
  • Sport and athletics 

He is passionate about helping people improve their attitudes and behaviors around food, and finding practical ways to make meaningful and lasting changes. He specializes in body recomposition, muscle gain, fat loss in active individuals, improved performance and team sport athletes. 

Patrick loves traveling, skiing, surfing, learning, public speaking, hiking and of course, playing basketball. His future goals include completing a PhD in performance nutrition, working with an NBA franchise and a future of helping people achieve what they never thought was possible with this amazing company Biolayne. 

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