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#14 – Interview with Lauren Simpson and Mark Carroll

In this week’s episode, we chat with Australian health and fitness coach Mark Carroll and his incredibly beautiful, highly-talented girlfriend, Lauren Simpson. 

This episode was recorded back in 2019, so you’ll notice some of the events we discuss have already passed. That said, we both found it interesting to listen back to this and observe the mindset of a professional bikini athlete like Lauren when she is faced with a big competition like WBFF Worlds. 

We talk to the pair about a range of subjects, most notably how they both met and went on to do great things in the fitness industry, as well as many of their future business plans. We also speak first-hand to Mark about his ongoing struggles with mental health and how he has managed to work through it and go on to build a successful business.

This is an episode not to be missed, everyone. We know you are going to enjoy it!

You can find Lauren and Mark on Instagram @laurensimpson and @coachmarkcarroll as well as their websites, https://laurensimpsonfitness.com and https://coachmarkcarroll.com

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