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Nutritional Science for Women by Women | Woman’s Health Unplugged

Logic, science and evidence are not easy to find in the nutrition space online. Especially when looking at the “trends” and “recommendations” for women. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, support your joint pain or improve your mood, the online conversation about nutrition for women is often missing the big picture, focusing on data from test tubes or is just flat out wrong.

Holly Baxter is a Dietician, world-level champion fitness model and the Director of Nutrition for Biolayne online programs. In this episode, we cover a lot of ground including:

Can you pursue mental health goals and physique goals at the same time? What is reverse dieting and why women need to understand their bodies to develop patience in their nutrition program.  How to consider the ‘cost’ of your health goals and what impact nutrition is having on your overall health.  This episode is for any woman who has ever struggled with body image, has ever made nutrition goals and struggled with them or who is curious about the impact of their nutrition on mental health. We cover it all in this episode.

You can find Holly on Instagram at @hollytbaxter

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