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Hey, Baby Legs, Have I got Something for You

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Yeah, you have tried everything to bring up those toothpicks. I feel you. I really do. When I first started lifting in the dark ages—you know, back when message boards were still a thing—my legs were tiny. In fact, they were so tiny I loathed posting any pictures of my fully body in the forums. I thought I trained them hard, for sure.

Yet, they still didn’t grow.

In addition to feeling sorry for myself, I actually started to feel despondent about my shitty genetics. Not only that, in their typical fashion, all the naysayers came out to play.

Telling me I should quit.

Telling me to give up.

Telling me I was done.

Hell, they even said I had no chance.

This isn’t just me. We all have weak points. You, me, the others you see at the gym every day. You have your weak points. And you might be doing fairly well at maintaining them. Your legs might even look pretty damn good.


But are they pro card winning legs?

Are you really at the level you want to be I’m talking about the level where your jeans are too tight and you have to get a bigger size and you wind up looking like a clown, so you decide to give up and wear spandex leggings all the time. That’s the level you want to be. It’s where you need to be. That normal bro split of one or two days a week of leg work isn’t cutting it. Sorry to break it to you. But, you can keep trying. You’ll only flounder in mediocrity.

It wasn’t until my first bodybuilding show where I had my epiphany.

Dave Goodin happened to be a guest poser there.

So I asked, “Dave, what can I do to bring up my flimsy sticks of legs and turn them into something great?”

And he told me the truth.

“Son, if you don’t want to do it with drugs, you better plant your ass in the squat rack and learn to tolerate some pain.”

Wise words from the Texas Shredder.

Ten years later, the same naysayers who decried my genetics now came back to tell me the only reason I had good legs was because of my “superior genetics.”

I want the same thing for you. You also want it. I want you to take your weakness and make it your strength. The key is to specialize. We all know the most important metric of progressive overload is volume. And to get more volume, you need to add in some frequency.

Or, like Dave said, some pain. Because with more volume, it will come.


You’re in luck. I’ve revamped the workout builder.

See, we realized that cookie cutter workouts don’t cut it, since there are so many of you out there. That’s why we added

  • Ten new workouts so you can choose exactly what you need (with more in the works)
  • Specializing workouts so that you can bring up those tiny legs of yours
  • A focus on bikini competitors so you can bring out your best competition body
  • Advanced protocols for peaking for your powerlifting meet so that you can crush it on the platform
  • Updated exercise groupings based on new research so that you can maximize your muscle building potential
  • Five levels of difficulty from easy to advanced so that you can progress for years to come
  • Different splits so that you can customize your training to your life and not the other way around
  • Powerbuilding programs so that you can actually be as strong as you look
  • Full body programs so you don’t have to stay in the gym more than three days a week
  • Beginning strength programs so you can maximize your newbie gains and get as strong as you can in a short amount of time

In short, there are muscle gains to be had for all of you out there.

On top of that, we also have more good news for you.


For signing up, you get a perpetual 20% discount.

All you have to do is enter promo code UPGRADE20 when you check out.

Do it before June 1st to take advantage of the discount. Not only that, we have 15 new programs in the works for our workout builder, too. So, it’s safe to say that you’ll be busy for a while.

If you’re not a member, become one.

And more importantly, sacrifice to win.

I want to be a member

I’m a Member, take me to the builder

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