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The research landscape in nutrition and exercise is a confusing world. Every day we are bombarded on social media and mainstream media with contradicting claims about what the ‘latest research’ says. We cut through all the nonsense to help you go straight to the source and understand what the studies REALLY say in simple terms with practical applications so you understand how the research can be applied.

Topics REPS Covers

Nutrition, Training, Weight Loss, Supplements, Muscle Growth

This Month's Issue

Issue 26 July 2024

This issue looks at protein timing and hypertrophy, training volume and size in older women, lean body mass and powerlifting performance, genetically personalized nutrition and glucose regulation, and whether non-trained muscles atrophy at the expense of trained muscles during dieting.

REPS- Volume 3 - Issue 26

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How to Read Research: A Biolayne Guide

It takes years of practice and experience to read and comprehend scientific studies effectively. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to attend a University and conduct research. That’s why we created this guidebook. We made this guide from our years of experience in a lab, conducting and publishing studies, so you don’t have to! We hope this handbook serves as a toolkit to read and comprehend scientific studies.


  • Understanding the Scientific Process
  • What are the different categories of research
  • How to read and interpret scientific publications
  • Basic Statistical Methods
  • Challenges of research
  • Research limitations
  • What to look for when assessing the quality of scientific research

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Meet the REPS Authors

Layne Norton
Layne Norton PhD Nutritional Science
James Krieger
James Krieger Masters Nutritional and Exercise Science
Astrid Naranjo
Astrid Naranjo Accredited RD- Dietitian (APD)
Brandon Roberts
Brandon Roberts PhD Muscle Biology, MS Human Performance
Cody Haun
Cody Haun PhD Kinesiology/Exercise Physiology
Adrian Chavez
Adrian Chavez PhD Nutritional Science
Hayden Pritchard
Hayden Pritchard PhD Exercise Science

Past Authors

Pak Androulakis Korakakis
Pak Androulakis Korakakis PhD Exercise Science
Jaymes Longstrom
Jaymes Longstrom Masters Exercise Science

What experts are saying

Dr. Brad Schoenfeld
Dr. Brad Schoenfeld Professor of Exercise science and world's leading researcher in the science of muscle hypertrophy

"Layne is one of the best at translating research for the lay person. His extensive experience as a coach/competitor combined with advanced education allows him to have a keen understanding of research."

Professor Suzanne Devkota
Professor Suzanne Devkota Microbe Scientist

"There are few people I implicitly trust when it comes to understanding & critically analyzing research. If you want the real facts with no sugar-coating, Layne will always give it to you straight."

Dr. Peter Attia
Dr. Peter Attia MD focused on longevity science

"REPS is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to separate signal from noise in fitness. This is not a skill that be learned overnight, but the payoff is enormous, making this essential reading."

Dr. Danielle Belardo
Dr. Danielle Belardo Cardiologist

"Layne Norton has continued to provide science based resources for anyone, of any level, to improve their knowledge in fitness. REPS will help people differentiate the difference between hype & reality."

Dr. Bret Contreras
Dr. Bret Contreras The Glute Guy

"Layne is one of the few I trust to go where the evidence takes him & change his mind when new evidence emerges. He has a knack for translating complex material into palatable form for the lay person."

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