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Yes. We Offer Personal Coaching.

At Team Biolayne, it is our mission to empower our clients and provide them with the tools and support they need to achieve their desired health and fitness goals. Our evidence-based nutrition coaching is built on a foundation of integrity, education and dependability. We establish meaningful relationships with our clients through reliable, consistent, open and honest communication and are committed to raising the standard for the global coaching industry.

If you have been on the fence about whether or not you can achieve your goals because you are busy, Jackie can help you get there!

"It was really important to me to work with a coach that could relate to being a busy mom and working a demanding full time job. She is the perfect mix of positive and supportive while still holding me accountable."

I have grown physically and mentally in every process that he has coached me through.

"David has coached me through multiple physique phases from reverse dieting to cutting for my competitions. His knowledge and background in the fitness industry made me feel at ease during these processes. He understands all the emotions that come with physique changes and handles them with care and professionalism."

Brandi Lattimer
Corey Hiben - Before/After
Coach Mathas was incredible at keeping me 100% dialed in and on track for my physique show.

"He helped me every step of the way and would recommend him to anyone who is looking to compete!"

Corey Hiben
Nicole M. Before/After
Ms. Ava Cowan empowered me to believe in myself and go after the goal and dream I set out for myself.

"Even on the day of my greatest show yet, sick and with a fever, she was with me all the way pushing and empowering me to become the pro I so desired to be, when that First Prize Trophy was given to me... All the self-doubt, hard work, confusion, sweat and tears not only paid off, but felt great! I did it, we did it, Team Ava did it!!!!"

Nicole M.
Simone K
No matter what life threw at me, Ava ensured I stayed on course.

"Ava's dedication and commitment in coaching, not only helped me achieve one of the greatest accomplishments in my life, but helped me believe in myself again. I have regained the confidence I once lost."

Simone K.
Over 40 years combined coaching experience

What Our Coaching Includes:

What services do Biolayne Coaches offer?

Biolayne coaches are proficient in all aspects of nutrition coaching. This includes fat loss, muscle gain, reverse dieting, contest preparation, as well as specific performance and mindset goals.

Services Available:

  • Fat loss
  • Muscle gaining
  • Reverse dieting
  • Contest preparation and peak week protocols
  • Performance and mindset coaching
  • Training programming
  • Once off education & nutrition consultations

Evidence based nutrition and training programming

At Biolayne we strongly believe that research and experience should be complimentary, not conflicting. To ensure our clients receive the best results possible, we combine the most up to date nutrition and exercise science research along with our vast practical experience.

Who does Team Biolayne work with?

Whether you are just getting started on your fitness journey, or you are a professional athlete in your chosen sport, our team of coaches will help you progress and achieve your best results! Team Biolayne coaches work with a wide array of clients


  • General population and lifestyle clients
  • Physique Competitors
  • Athletes

What is the Biolayne way?

We believe that every client is unique and that there is no one-size fits all approach to coaching. Our coaching methods are completely individualized and are designed to fit the client’s specific needs. Our team takes into account a client’s lifestyle and previous dieting and training history, along with personal preferences, medical history and mindset around food and dieting. Coaching includes weekly check-ins with shared weekly data along with video feedback responses to every check-in. Throughout the coaching relationship, we adopt a team like approach, where decisions are made together with both the client and Team Biolayne coach. This joint approach helps to ensure we achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Program includes:

  • Weekly video check-in feedback
  • Access to an individualized coaching portal
  • State of the art coaching spreadsheet

Meet Our Leadership

Layne Norton Layne Norton Master Coach / Founder of Biolayne
Samantha Katz Samantha Katz Chief Operating Officer / Coaching Team Manager
Caroline Odell Caroline Odell Executive Assistant / Assistant Team Manager
Brittany Acevedo Brittany Acevedo Client Success Representative

Meet Our Coaching Team

Astrid Naranjo Astrid Naranjo Clinical Dietitian, Reverse Dieting, Muscle Building & Fat Loss Specialist
Sheridan Skye Sheridan Skye Women’s Health Specialist
David Mathas David Mathas Fat Loss and Metabolic Health Specialist
Tammie Gray Tammie Gray Intuitive Eating Specialist
Jacqueline Llovet Jacqueline Llovet Women's Health Specialist
Ava Cowan Ava Cowan Competition Prep Coach
Sophie Gervais Sophie Gervais Gut, Hormone Health and Food Psychology Specialist
Charlie Bullock Charlie Bullock Physique Enhancement Specialist
Kyndra McKenzie Kyndra McKenzie Registered Dietitian and Disordered Eating Specialist
Katie Vasenina Katie Vasenina Reverse Dieting and Fat Loss Specialist
Theresa Miller Theresa Miller Physique Enhancement and Metabolic Improvement Specialist
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