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Charlie Bullock

Physique Enhancement Specialist


B.S. Exercise Science

Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach – NSCA

Biolayne Nutrition Level 1&2

Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1

Areas of Specialty

Muscle Building

Fat Loss

Flexible Dieting

Sports Performance

Mindset Development

Charlie received his Bachelor’s in Exercise Science from Kent State University in 2016. While receiving his undergrad, he started competing in bodybuilding shows. During this time he fell in love with physique enhancement and the process of transforming the human body. Upon graduation he became a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and started working as a personal trainer. After working in numerous settings such as cardiac rehab, sports performance, and fitness management he finds the most fulfillment in working closely with people 1-on-1.

In the early years of his fitness journey, Charlie was inspired by Layne to adopt an evidence-based approach to health & fitness. This allowed him to eliminate a lot of unnecessary fitness practices to ensure he and his clients experienced sustainable & enjoyable outcomes.

Charlie has a passion for helping individuals reclaim their power through the work of balanced nutrition, movement, & healthy lifestyle habits. He strives to help others become the healthiest, happiest, & highest performing version of themselves. He believes everyone should have a coach or fitness mentor to enrich their life and expand their support system.

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