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Get Warmed Up

Warm up interface calculates how many sets and the weight you should perform.

Track Your Progress

Track individual reps, keep notes, and record personal records..

Intensity Techniques

We implement advanced training techniques such as myo reps, 21s, rest/pause and more.

Make all the Gains

Track your strength progress with one rep max testing

*Specific programs apply

Video demonstrations

Over 300 exercises have been filmed by the Biolayne team.

Biolayne Workout Builder

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Over 50 science backed programs catering to all experience levels and training interests (strength, powerlifting, muscle building and the like). With nearly 400 exercise demonstrations, customizable programs and new programs updated regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Workout Builder is currently available only at It is a web application that's fully optimized for mobile phones. A mobile app is on our roadmap but no release date is available. allows up to 4 devices to be signed in at the same time. If the limit is exceeded devices will be signed out.
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