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Jacqueline Llovet

Women's Health Specialist
Jacqueline Llovet


Registered Nurse

BSc. Nursing

Certified Nutrition Coach, NASM

Physique and Bodybuilding Coach, NASM

Certified, Inpatient Obstetric Nursing

Areas of Specialty:

Fat Loss Nutrition

Women’s Health

Middle Age Nutrition

Pre, Intra and Post Natal Nutrition

*Offers Nutrition and Training

Jacqueline Llovet is a Registered Nurse who obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in 1997 from Barry University, located in Miami, Florida. She is a first-generation college student and loves to learn, she graduated college with Honors, Sigma Cum Laude. She has 24 years of experience in the clinical setting. She also holds two nutrition certifications. She is a Certified Nutrition Coach with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, as well as a certificate in Dr. Layne Norton’s course, “The Science of Nutrition”. As a health care professional, Jackie is passionate about helping others live a healthy and fit lifestyle. She has witnessed firsthand in the hospital setting, the plethora of health problems that may occur when people do not prioritize their health and fitness.

As a mother of three and a professional, Jackie enjoys helping other parents and professionals learn how to make self-care a priority and teaches them strategies on how they truly can do it all with some planning, to reach their physique and wellness goals. Her mix of knowledge, experience, and her caring and compassionate demeanor, make her an excellent coach to help her clients reach their goals.

Jackie’s future goals include obtaining a master’s degree in Nutrition, as well as compete in an amateur master’s level bikini competition. She enjoys being a role model to others and empowering them to realize that you can be in the best shape of your life, regardless of age!

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