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Tammie Gray

Intuitive Eating Specialist
Tammie Dunavant


Certified Personal Trainer, NASM

Powerlifting Coach, ISSA

Institute for the Psychology of Eating

Functional Nutrition Lab

Clean Health Institute

Areas of Specialty:

Improving relationships with food and body image

Weight Management

Perimenopause and Menopause

Nutrition and Training for Powerlifters

*Offers Nutrition and Training

Tammie is a functional nutrition coach, personal trainer, and intuitive eating coach who has been in the fitness industry for nearly 30 years.  After her own struggles with body image and disordered eating, she dove into evidence-based nutrition to heal her relationship with food. 

As a mother of three children, Tammie places the utmost importance on creating healthy environments around attitudes toward food and fitness.  She loves working with other moms and busy professionals who want to cut through fad diet marketing, get down to the brass tacks, and to reach their health and physique goals once and for all.

She is certified in nutrition through Functional Nutrition Lab, Functional Nutrition and Metabolic Science, and Precision Nutrition (L1).  Her fitness certifications include general personal training, women’s fitness, and powerlifting through The National Academy of Sports Medicine and The American Council on Exercise.  Her education in intuitive eating was centered at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating and PESI.

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