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Sophie Gervais

Gut, Hormone Health and Food Psychology Specialist

Personal Trainer, NASM
Holistic Nutrition, NASM
Yoga Teacher Training, YA

Biolayne Nutrition Certification I + II
Body Project, NEDAPsychology, Vanderbilt U

Areas of Specialty:

Fat loss Nutrition
Women’s Health
Gut and Hormone Health
Reverse Dieting
Mindset Development
Lifestyle Fitness

*Offers Nutrition and Training

Sophie is a Gut and Hormone Health Specialist & Personal Trainer who has been guiding her clients to their goals for nearly five years. She is passionate about helping young girls and women overcome an unhealthy relationship with food after spending years of her own life stuck in the mental prison that is disordered eating. Her education in the field began in her undergraduate years at Vanderbilt University, where she studied eating psychology and nutrition. During that time, she was also certified in the National Eating Disorder Awareness foundation’s Body Project certification program to support women’s relationships with their bodies.

Her interests progressed into physique and performance evidence-based training and nutrition while maintaining a positive relationship with food and one’s body (certifications through NASM). Her coaching centers on getting women out of the rut of under-fueling and over-training, out of the yo-yo cycle, and out of the mystery of how to fuel one’s body (blocking out all the noise out there!) while building a positive outlook towards nutrition.

Sophie also supports her clients who are interested in gut and hormone health. Her interest in this field started from her own experience with IBS, acne, and painful/irregular periods that she wanted to support holistically. Her approach to hormonal support and gut health focuses heavily on evidence-based lifestyle and nutrition approaches rather than excessive supplementation and overly restrictive methods. Some conditions Sophie works with include: IBS, IBD, bloating/indigestion, dysmenorrhea, PCOS, PMS, low thyroid, and chronic stress/fatigue. Please note, Sophie is not a medical professional and provides holistic support for these conditions within her scope of practice; please consult a medical professional for these conditions first.

Outside of coaching, Sophie is an animal-lover and enjoys spending her free time riding her horse and hiking with her pup. She has traveled and lived abroad extensively and loves getting to enjoy cuisines from all over the world. She loves spending time getting stronger in the gym, giving it her all at trivia nights, and exploring her home base in Nashville.  

What can you expect from working with Sophie?

  • Learning once and for all how to fuel your body for your goals
  • Understanding how to eat more (yes, carbs too!) while still working towards your goals
  • A heavy focus on mindset development, a healthy lifestyle, stress management, and finding balance
  • Training and eating for your physique and health-based goals
  • Getting to the root of lack of motivation for consistency
  • Nutrition and lifestyle support for optimal hormonal and gut health
  • A compassionate coach to hold you accountable and watch you succeed!
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