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Ava Cowan

Competition Prep Coach
Ava Cowan



Figure Universe and Figure America Champion

Clean Health Institute

Fitness Institute International

Certified Personal Training Specialist, CPTS

Areas of Specialty:

Competition Prep incl. Posing and Presentation

NPC – IFBB – WBFF – Fitness America Pageant

Fat Loss

Muscle Building

*Offers Nutrition and Training

Ava Cowan is a Certified Personal Training Specialist and obtained her CPTS from Fitness Institute International and became NSCA certified upon graduation. Using this knowledge, she found her passion in 2005 when she entered her first figure competition and won the 2005 NPC Southern States Figure Overall, which set the stage for over 25 figure competitions inclusive of NPC, FAME, and Fitness America, and she obtained her Professional Status in the IFBB, WBFF, and FAME organizations, and won world titles at Figure Universe and Figure America, giving her an in the trench’s perspective. She has appeared on over 20 magazine covers such as Oxygen Magazine, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Iron Man Magazine, and FitnessRx for Women and has been in the majority of fitness magazines worldwide. Persistently driven in her competitive career, she quickly discovered the diets she followed were not only dangerous but unsustainable long term. Ava went in search of a competition preparation coach and discovered Layne Norton on Bodybuilding.com in 2008. That decision and working with Dr. Layne Norton was an integral part of her experience in the Fitness Industry as he was her coach from 2008 to 2014, preparing her for the majority of her fitness shoots and competitions inclusive of multiple Figure Olympia and Figure International competitions, respectively.

Ava eventually transitioned from a professional athlete to a coach and Dr. Layne Norton was her mentor and inspiration in doing so.

Ava believes that guiding others, whether through competition preparation or overall healthy lifestyle changes, is an exceptionally revealing process and an invitation for increased self-awareness and betterment. As such, her coaching combines the depth of her competitive experience and her fitness and nutrition education to coach others along their path, focusing on the complete person.

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