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Low Protein Diet helpful for kidneys? I don’t think so!

In my protein myths video log and my protein myths blog I discussed how high protein diets have been demonstrated to have NO deleterious effects on the healthy kidney and I provided references to support this assertion.  But certainly in kidneys that have already been compromised in renal disease, protein is terrible right?  I mean we have been told for the last 50 years that people with renal disease MUST eat a low protein diet to help spare their kidneys.  We KNOW that protein is bad on kidneys for people with renal disease right???


My friend and PhD Candidate at the University of Illinois, Peter Fitschen, studies this very subject and was kind enough to send me a recent study which showed that not only did a low protein diet NOT help delay the progression of renal disease, it actually appeared to increase the risk of death!  I hope all the RD’s and MD’s who continue to make archaic recommendations with regards to protein intake and kidney health read this study and come up with more up-to-date recommendations for their patients!

Menon 2009 – Effects of Very Low Protien Diet on CKD Outcomes