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What is your excuse?

From the average couch potato who can’t seem to muster enough energy to put his beer & big mac down to do a few workouts, to the guy who placed low in a show putting the blame on his water, carb load, prep coach, etc. Everyone seems to have an excuse these days.

Where is the personal accountability? Have we all developed such fragile egos that we can’t fathom the thought of taking responsibility when things DON’T go well. I’ve got news for everyone out there. 99.999% of the time, if you fall short of your goals, it is time to STOP pointing the finger elsewhere and look in the mirror. The extra calories in your fish oil capsules didn’t stop you from getting to 6%; it was the binge out on pizza two weeks ago. How you were holding water had nothing to do with your placing low at your contest, it was the fact you didn’t give yourself enough time to diet and started out with too much bodyfat. And no Mr. Couch potato, you DO have the time to workout, you just choose not to. So when you look in the mirror and see your beer belly hanging over your belt and can’t see (amongst other things) your toes, you need to look right back in that mirror and put the onus on yourself to get in shape. In the end, the world isn’t going to hand you anything on a silver platter, but on the same token, the world isn’t out to get you either. You make your own fate, your own success. If you are lazy, then your fate will be… average or less, but just remember, it is no one else’s fault other than your own. In the end either you want to improve or you don’t… period.