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Frequently Asked Questions

Part A: General Nutrition

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On Fruits and Vegetables

How many servings of fruits and veggies should a natural bodybuilding have at least a day? How much do you get of them a day? any cheap supplements you recomend to fit more veggies in a diet since it may be an inconvenience to eat them sometimes?

Cook em up ahead of time. Veggies & fruit as well as fiber is pretty much inversely correlated with every type of disease you can ever think of. I try to have at least 4 servings per day. plus it keeps ya regular

On Juice Plus vs Regular Veggies

What’s your opinion on juice plus layne , would you ever dish out 40 bucks a month for the stuff? or would you rather pound your dam veggies? Also, what are the best veggies to have on a regular basis?

I wouldn’t spend the money as a general rule, most often whole foods are better than isolated compounds

On sweet potatoes vs oats:

Do you prefer sweet potatoes or oats?

I like oats just because I like the texture better

On Red Meat:

How often you eat red meat I eat lean red meat probably 4-5x/week, maybe more

On dietary fats:

Do you eat fat with every meal?

Well, it’s pretty impossible to eliminate fat no matter what food you eat

Ok, let me rephrase, do you eat a fat source like almonds/pb with every meal?

No, I don’t

On Blood Pressure:

Do beta blockers have any effect on fatloss/muscle gain? My dr wants to put me on them for my high BP, but id like to avoid it and lower it naturally.  I cannot forsee any impact that B-blockers would have on fat metabolism.

I always suggest trying to lower blood pressure naturally unless it is pretty high and then you just want to get it under control.

My Average reading is 140 over 90 or higher. I lift weights 3-4 times a week, and 4 days of cardio 30 min sessions on the treadmill at a moderate pace. My diet consists of around 150g protein, under 100g carbs, 40g fats. not sure about the sodium intake.  Try lowering sodium down to 1500mg per day and see if that helps

Do you have any files or studies that prove to my doctor that?
A – High protien levels are not going to kill a person
B – That creatine
1 – Does more than just “hold water”
2 – Is not going to destroy his 2 well functioning healthy kindneys.

The blood levels he will find will support the doc as high protein diets elevate liver enzymes but that is COMPLETELY FINE. They are only marker’s of kidney/liver dysfunction and do not cause it.

Tell him to read these articles

Tell him to ask the doc to cite peer review literature to support his claims.

He wont’ be able to, and what’s more, he’s a dentist. I doubt he took complex metabolism courses… so tell him to keep his nose in his own fucking business lol. You wouldn’t see me going around trying to give people root canals.

Comments on an old school weight gaining shake:

Layne would you use for a weight gaining shake?
I heard of the old school jug method but wasn’t sure if it was a good idea?
I guess it what old bodybuilders used before weight gainer were sold as supplements?

1/2 gallon whole milk
2 cups no sugar added ice cream
2 cups heavy whipping cream
16 oz cottage cheese
2 bananas
6 whole eggs
6 scoops of whey protein
4 TBSP natural peanut butter
Drink it 3 times day WITH meals not as a replacement

That’s pretty ridiculous and a good way to get fat

On Bowel Movements during Dieting:

When dieting is it normal to have only 1 or 2 bowel movements a week?
On such a low carb diet your fiber is going to be very low so it wouldn’t suprise me
I have read places that this is a sign of low metabolism… any truth to this?

No. poop is 80-90% old GI cells that have been replaced. the other 10-20% is bacteria and very little is undigested material (bulk fiber, etc)

The fact that you are eating less will reduce GI cell turnover and the fact that you are low carb will reduce the turnover of the cells more; thus, less feces.

Has nothing to do with metabolism and however the idiots are who say nonsense like that, they need their face rubbed in some poopy

On eating fat free low sugar yogurt during diet

Layne, do you have a problem with eating fat free low sugar yogurt within a bodybuiling diet? i like to mix it with my oats but wondering if eating it everyday would not be a good idea.

Nothing wrong with that.

On preworkout food:

I know it’s a whole food meal but how long before your workout do you eat?.
I eat 1-2 hours pre workout