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Part J: Supplementation

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On Arachidonic Acid

What are your thoughts on the ‘anabolic’ supplement Arachidonic acid?

AA tends to have a 50/50 reactions. some people love it… some get absolutely nothing from it. I believe what you are seeing in the people who have big results is you are looking at the correction of low AA levels in those people. Typically bodybuilding diets can be low in Omega 6’s relatively due to all the emphasis placed on omega 3s. So I don’t think AA will increase anabolism above normal in people with normal levels of AA, but in people who have low levels, it may correct a low level.

what do you think about x-factor and just wondering if you do presentations at school to help lead kids away from drugs i always thought that would be a cool idea being that you and other natural competitors dont use drugs or alcohol know what im saying

I am actually in the process of working something out with a gym teacher to come speak to his class here in champaign. As far as x-factor goes i have not used it; there seems to be some evidence that it may work for some people, my guess is that if you happen to be on the lowside/deficient in arachidonic acid then you would notice big time benefits; but if you have normal levels of AA you probably won’t notice much

On Liquid aminos vs Powder aminos

Hi Layne, Quick question. What do you think about liquid aminos as opposed to powder form? Thanks.

no better no worse

On Vitamin B Supplementation

Layne, whats your thoughts on Vitamin B supplementation? If you recommend it what dose would you say per day and what vitamin B? (B12 or B Complex). Thanks!

if you take a multi I don’t see much reason for it. Maybe a little extra B6 but most likely not needed

On Banned Compounds/Supplements:

pretty much the only things you have to worry about are

-prohormones and loophole legal steroids like methyl-1D
-7-keto DHEA (banned by INBF/NANBF)
-DHEA (banned by INBF/NANBF)

most other stuff is kosher

On Estrogen Blockers

Hey layne does an estrogen blocker like Nolvadex XT by Gaspari nutrition have any water holding effects… or is it fine to take pre contest?

I’m not sure but even if it does it shouldn’t be a problem until about 1 week out, then you can just stop taking it

On Whey Protein

i searched your thread and couldnt find this question or answer so sorry if it is a repeat but what is your favorite whey protein? or do you have a specific brand you have to say because of that sponsor u have?

well I am sponsored; but I’ll still be straight up. I do like Primaforce WPI the grape & watermelon flavors are awsome and of course chocolate, however WPI is pricier than WPC and if you don’t have any digestive issue or lactose sensitivities whey protein concentrate is probably more affordable & pretty much as good. I always used 100% whey from optimum before I was sponsored.

On Vitamin and Minerals

Thanks a lot Layne, I appreciate the help man. I saw that sample diet you had on and it said i believe your last meal you would take 3 fish oil caps. Are there any other vitamins or minerals you find to be essential to a bodybuilder? If so, when do you take them and what do you suggest for serving. Thanks again bro, you’re a huge help.

actually most bodybuilders get plenty of vitamins/minerals in the foods they eat; if you take a multi you are more than covered

Supplements for Bulking to prevent excess Fat gain

What supplements do you recommend for bulking to prevent excessive fat gain. I bought sesamin and I am thinking about adding r-ala. What do you think?

i think those are both excellent choices

Hey Layne, when taking Vitargo post workout and carbs like oatmeal in morning meal, will it be counterproductive to take some fat burners? I know it is harder to gain muscle and lose fat at same time but could this work?

actually many fat burners are more effective at preventing fat gain in the face of caloric excess than they are at losing additional fat in a caloric deficit

With fat burners, do you recommend that people use them on bulking cycles since they keep fat gain to a minimum? Is there any explanation you can give as to why fat burners are better at keeping fat gain off when bulking rather than increasing fat loss when on a cut? Finally, do you follow any protocol when you are gaining mass such as gaining at 1 pound a week etc….essentially, how fast do you allow yourself to gain?
probably because during bulking your metabolism is already elevated in the offseason whereas in a caloric deficit it’s likely to be very depressed. I dunno, it’s more of a theory of me. Also many of the ingredients in these fat burners have been tested not by looking at how well they got subjects to drop weight, but how well they prevented weight gain when subjects were fed a high calorie diet.

I don’t like to gain more than 0.5-1 lb per week

So for bulking your would recommend a non stim fat burner?

It depends if you are doing it for a compositional purpose; a stim fat burning is fine so long as you cycle it… if you are doing stims to get ‘jacked up’ the more frequently you use them, the less effective they become

On Diuretics

The theory:
Moderate use of diuretics (i.e. caffeine, particularly “cutting supplements”) will not detract from the use of creatine. Why? Because diuretics act on interstitial H20, that is, the water between the cells. Creatine pulls water into the muscle cells, thereby rendering it unaffected by said diuretics. As long as you maintain adequate hydration, creatine will have “enough water to volumize the muscle cell” and not be affected negatively by diuresis. Yes or No? I value your advice as a Biochemistry degree holder, working on mine right now.

well you can’t completely seperate one layer from the other, if you remove interstitial water, most likely other compartments will ‘leak’ in order to equilibrate the pools

On MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) Supplementation

Layne, you don’t know me but I know you from way back at a couple of other forums and I have always considered your word gospel. I also lurk at other forums where you write so that I can learn as much as I can from your writings, BUT……lol, help me out bro; isn’t the fat in muscle milk good fats (MCTs) that help keep you lean? Like fish and oil and flax oil?

so the theory on MCTs is that since they are preferentially oxidized they won’t be stored as fat… ok that’s all fine and good; but the fact that they are being oxidized means your body will just simply store other things preferably. It’s still calories

Most EAA supps don’t have high amounts of BCAA’s in them, and so long as you’re intaking enough protein you’ll be getting enough EAA’s.

On Steroids

I suppose we have all thought about it at some point but have I seriously considered it? No. I have done very well without it and to me the risks (health, legal, emotional, and monetary) associated with it simply outweigh the possible benefits. I all kinds of bodybuilding, tested and untested and you’ll see me attend both and very rarely will I criticize someone on steroids, unless they use them as a crutch for poor training and diet.

As far as fantasizing what I would look like on the sauce; everyone responds to steroids differently, some respond very well, others not so well; so I guess I could end up at the national/pro level or I could very easily end up being a regional competitor. That’s why I like natural bodybuilding, sure genetics come into play; but it’s not about the amount of hormones you take and how you respond to them, it’s about you and you alone. In the end I do this to compete against myself; to try and ascend to the next level. That is what keeps me pushing myself harder in the gym everyday.

On Supplements that Layne Takes

Layne, what supplements do you take?

Well, the only ones i take religiously are a multi, creatine, protein powder, BCAAs, fish oil, glucosamine, and an anti-oxidant

On Omega 3 / 6 Supplementation:

I currently take capsules that are 500mg omega 3(salmon oil) and 500mg omega 6(evening primrose oil), and I was wondering if there was any need for the omega 6, and if there is any particular ratio that you should be having the different omegas in?

Omega 6 is very prevalent in the diet and may be pro-inflammatory, not sure if there is much need to supplement with it as if you eat meat you are most likely getting plenty. The ratio you want in your diet is 4:1 of omega 6:3. Most Americans get 10:1 .

On Recovery Enzymes:

What is your opinion on the supplements for DOMS? (enzymes)

i have not heard of enzymes for reducing DOMS, not quite sure of the delivery system they’d use though since enzymes are typical proteins and whole proteins are destroyed by the gut during digested & broken down to amino acids so I’m not sure how they’d get into circulation

Layne, basically Dr. Mark J. Tallon, (based on some positive studies) developed an various proteolytic enzyme (primary proteases) product combined with some Beta-sitosterol and glucosides to help one recover from immune system suppression caused by intense training and can help mitigate excess inflammation from muscle damage (DOMS).

Mark claims there are definite powerful synergies, when varying enzymes are combined. So he formulated a product called “sorenzyme” and I have been using it with much appraise. I have increased my workload to 2 times weekly now as you know. I was just wondering your thoughts here as well. As a natty’ and the extreme workload, I find this intriguing and maybe help aid in my supplement protocol if it works.

Info can be found here:

I know Mark, met him at experimental biology 2 weeks ago. I’m assuming it’s exerting it’s effects on the immune system via the small intestine and so then i could see how it would work, though admittedly, I don’t know much about that stuff

On Caffeine Use

Layne I got a problem with caffeine, I used in the past (the past week) hydroxycut hardcore, and everything was right on track but now the stuff is over and I don’t drink caffeine by any means (I don’t drink coffee nor soda) The Problem is that I feel drowsy all day long with a very potent headache, I don’t take painkillers so I endure the shit all day long. The headache I can take the problem is the drowsiness, I’m really sleepy sometimes I sit on a couch or lie on the floor and fall asleep without even noticing it. It really puts me down in the gym but I can take it, can you recommend me anything to knock away this caffeine dependence of mine? please?

I would slowly try to wean yourself off of it. Give yourself some caffeine and over time try to taper it down

On MyAlli OTC fat loss aid

Layne, have you seen the new ads for myAlli weight lose? If so, any opinion?

it is ….basically Olean Chips (remember those) which was pulled for causing pernicious lesions on the colon. Well, GlaxcoSmithKlein is putting it out again and tclaim it is the only FDA Approved weight lose aid OTC. Plus the word out on the street is it receiving presales in the millons. : It’s 60 mgs of Orlistat.
lol, wow that’s shadier than most supp companies

On 7-Keto DHEA legality

Also, I heard you mention that 7-keto dhea is banned by natural federations? Why?

7-keto was banned by the INBF because they are really restrictive, however the ban was just recently lifted. Now it is not banned anywhere.Conditioning is more important for the most part in natural shows.

On recovery Supplements

Layne what are your top 3 supplement choices for inter-set and inter-session recovery?
I’m thinking bcaa’s, creatine, and beta-alanine maybe?

yea those are real good, citrulline malate is another one

Last time I asked you about WMS you hadn’t used it or formed an opinion on WMS. How do you like it? Is it just carb slam your using? Why just 3g of CrM over 5g?

3g is plenty… especially since I take vasoxplode preworkout which has 2.5g. still have no opinion about WMS… only been using it 3 days ( Posted on July 4th, 2007, 04:49 PM )

On Cissus:

I’ve seen you recommend the use of Cissus. how much do you recommend and when etc?

Depends upon how potent the extract is

I was thinking about picking up some powder from You know anything about their stuff?

Afraid not, but most of their stuff seems solid, probably pretty good

On Antioxidants:

What antioxidants do you feel combat free radicals most productively? What kind of doses do you recommend?

I would just stick with lipoic acid, NAC, or EGCG at 300mg of one alone or 100mg of each would do the trick

On Liver pills:

Layne, what is your take on desiccated liver tablets??

Not needed & no point. a bodybuilding ‘old wives’ tale

What do you thing of liver pills?

Not much use for them if you use a multi-vitamin & you take in enough protein

Can you explain why you think it’s a waste in more detail if you have time? please

Well, what will you get out of them? aminos & vitamins? if you are eating a high protein diet and taking a multi then there is no need for them.Additionally, the liver is the ‘trash filter’ of the body. Not quite sure why you’d want to isolate that and eat it

What is the reasoning you have that desiccated liver tabs are useless? Just curious, I have used them for a long time as a cheap source of aminos.

You can just eat more protein to get aminos. You can just take vitamins to get the vitamins… much cheaper

Would Universal’s Uni-Liver : Would it serve the same purpose as Xtend as far as BCAA’s go? Is there some kind of a catch with the amino acid profile?
Liver tabs have a bunch of other crap in there… bcaas are what you want

On Leucine supplementation with BCAA’s

Hey Layne, I had a question about supplemental leucine and BCAA’s. I currently take Scivation Xtend BCAA’s, I was wondering, what if I supplemented with l-leucine powder on top of that? I heard that the ratio of leucine to isoleucine and valine has to be balanced somewhat. Would it still be beneficial to take straight leucine w/ BCAA’s if it threw the ratios out of whack?

If you are taking bcaas, I see little reason to take leucine on top of it

On Guggelsterones

guggelsterones supplement for a nattie endomorph tryna get lean as possible. What is your opinion? is it worth it? or considering the price is it better just going without it. would it make much of a difference or not really?

Honestly I don’t think they are worth it

On Abdominal fat reduction:

What supplements would benefit someone who has done a good job in reducing total body weight but wants to reduce belly fat ?

Honestly diet and cardio are going to be the overall determinants of progress on a diet. As for fat burners, i’m going to tell you straight up that I am biased because I helped design Dialene-4 for Scivation but I honest to god think it is a very good fat burner compared to the others out there. I think Sesamin is another good non-stimulant fat burner. Dave Palumbo’s fat burner is also pretty solid however; Usnic acid still scares me, though I know he uses a lower dose.

On Usinic ACID:

Usnic acid scares me because it is an uncoupler.

Essentially uncouplers make energy production ‘inefficient’ making your body spend more energy to get energy (ATP) and thus you lose fat because your body has to burn more calories to get the same amount of energy, the problem is the excess energy is given off as heat and there have been people who have straight up cooked themselves to death from the inside with uncouplers like DNP. Now usnic acid isn’t as strong as DNP, but it still worries me some. I would be very careful with it.

Layne, so….. usinic acid = lipolyze = worries?

probably not; i’m probably just over cautious

On How to take Fat Burners + When to do cardio

I am used to taking fat burners before cardio on an empty stomach but this says to take before meals. Do I still do cardio on an empty stomach and then take dialene before the meal after cardio? Or am I just screwed up.

I would take it with your meal and I would ditch the empty stomach cardio

On Fat burners administration

Speaking of dieting, do you use a “fat-burner” throughout your diet or do you save it until later on down the road? Personally, I like to get myself in ‘fat-loss mode’ and save the thermogenics for the last 4-6 weeks (depending on where I am at).

Yea, that’s usually how I do it.

On Bolus Protein dosing

Layne, do you think that 8lbs in 12 weeks is partly down to that new bolus protein dosing your doing?

I certainly think spacing my meals out more has kept me leaner. I’ve also been running dialene-4 & sesamin while bulking and that worked very well at keeping fat off. I think a lot of fat burners are actually more useful for preventing fat gain while in a caloric surplus rather than accelerating fat loss in a caloric deficit

Creatine and Ketogenic diets

When on ketogenic diet like dave’s, is it ok to take creatine monohydrate with no sugar? or will this diminish the effectiveness of the creatine?

Creatine will still work and IMO will be very important as it will help pull fluid into the muscle cell which will likely have reduced fluid content due to the reduction in glycogen from the ketogenic diet

On Fish Oils

Question bout fish oils, I noticed on the Bodybuilding.Com video that you supplement w/ them. Now there’s millions of diffrent potencies, and I’m not quite sure what to use. I’m using a supplement w/ 180 EPA 120 DHA and 25 GLA per capsule, I’m taking about 5 a day, 1 w/ each meal. Does this seem about right, or should I get a higher potency supplement?

What you are doing sounds fine

On DL-Phenylalanine Supplementation

What do you think of taking a small dose of free form “DL-Phenylalanine” with the BCAA/WHEY shake PWO? I see many supplements add this MT’s Anator or Biotest’s Surge. Is it just placebo or anything to back up the anabolic benefit of doing that?

Apparently, phenylalanine can increase insulin secretion; however, I think that arginine is actually a stronger stimulator of insulin release.

On phenylananine and arginine and their effects on insulin secretion

Can phenylananine and arginine actually stimulate insulin secretion all by themselves? That would not make sense…do they just help secretion?

Yes they cause the body to secrete stored insulin. It is different from a carb induced secretion however as carbohydrates cause a biphasic release. 1st the dumping of stored insulin and then the pancreas manufactures insulin until the glucose is cleared.

arginine, phenylalanine, & leucine only cause a monophasic response of dumping of stored insulin, but no increase in pancreatic production of insulin like carbs do

You think its only for insulin because the above products(MT’s Anator or Biotest’s Surge) I thought included it for some reason to influence protein synthesis (or some other function I don’t know of). Its werid because they DO include carbs with those.

Well, insulin has a synergistic effect with amino acids on protein synthesis so yea i think they included it for the insulin

On Window of Opportunity

Do you believe in the popular “window of opportunity” that many advocate or do you believe it’s horse dung?

Certainly, insulin sensitivity is heightened, so yes

On Glycerol Supplementation

Layne – what’s your take on glycerol supplementation?

Not sure if it will cause intracellular swelling, but it does seem to force more fluid into the vascular system which may be useful to a bodybuilder on contest day. Not sure of the timing or dosage as of now though.

On Fat loss capsule administration

for fat loss capsules do you think it will have the same affect if i was to open the capsule up and pour it in to a drink

I would think so

you should wait for Layne’s response but I just wanted to suggest being careful with that because some fat burners have capsaicin in them which tastes really bad and or can be hot(spicy).

Yup that too LOL

On Arms shaking during training

First off, I’m not what you’d call a bodybuilder as of yet, I’ve just started training with a buddy of mine last week after being away for quite a while. Anyway, my question-or problem is this-when I used to wrestle in high school we did a very limited amount of weight training, and although I did gain strength, I did have a persisting thing with my arms shaking. I went from benching 125 to 165 for sets of 8 fairly quickly, weighing 155 during preseason. Anyway, we really did not focus on strength, mostly endurance-but I was wondering if this problem had anything to do with any deficiency of anything vital. I have to force myself to drink water, but I try to keep that up, and food for me is a very uh, erratic thing… I’m getting good amounts of food, I don’t count everything up but I make sure protein is a main priority in all my meals.

Hope I’m not too vague or anything, just wanted to ask before I forgot my question! I’m a weakling to begin with, just wanted to know if I have any nutritional things to worry about.

Thanks for all the stuff you’ve written and researched yourself, it sure clears up a lot of muddle that I’ve been reading, been reading all the mags for quite a bit too…

Only kind of nutritional deficiencies I can think of would be something that has to do with cell turnover since the CNS turnsover relatively fast… something like folate or something like that or possibly a neurotransmitter issue but if you are getting enough protein you should have ample substrate for neurotransmitters.


What is your opinion on CLA? Is it worth considering? If so what dose would be the most beneficial?

I believe you have to get the right isomer. There is a 9,11 & a 10,12 isomer. I forget which one is the good one. One has very good benefits, the other can actually cause insulin resistance

On Acetyl-L-Carnitine

Layne what are your thoughts on the usefulness of Acetyl-L-Carnitine supplementation during the Offseason and pre contest?

offseason it might not be a bad idea to take with high carb meals. in season probably less use

Im curious layne as into you thinking to this answer, could you explain a bit more please?As far as i am aware i thought Acetyl-L-Carnitine was involved in transportation of fatty acids across the mitochondria membrane to allow the oxidation of the fats? How would this be beneficial to take with a high carb meal?

I think the traditional use of it is to take it during exercise to allow more fatty acids to be burned, hence helping fat loss.

Because insulin has been shown to facilitate the transport of ALCAR into the cell

L-Arginine and GH levels

Is it true that Arginine significantly raises growth hormone levels?

I know I’ve seen research showing it raises it… but i’m skeptical as to whether it raises it high enough to make a difference; I kind of doubt it

On Glucose Disposal Agents (GDAs)

What are your thoughts on Glucose Disposal Agents (Vanadyl, Chromium..etc).I want to see if they May help bring more nutrients into the muscles.

Well, chromium is garbage; vanadyl may increase basal glucose uptake but i’m not sure you’d want that. Lipoic acid is probably the best as it increases insulin stimulated glucose uptake into the muscle cell. Check out my article here:

On Red Wine/Grape phytonutrient benefits:

I am looking for the benefits of red wine without the alcohol/carbs ?

You might look at grape seed extract.

Does Grape seed have enough ethyl acetate to induce benefits?

No, but it does have the resveratrol as well as many other anti-oxidants

On Vanadyl Sulfate (GDA)

I was wondering if you have any idea of why Vanadyl gives me a bad headache even when taken with plenty of carbs? Also do you think it could possible pull more creatine into the muscle?

No, I don’t think it will pull more creatine into the cell; not sure about the headaches.
I would think you would get other symptoms other than just headache if blood sugar was dropping, nausea being first, though I could be wrong. Also, Vanadyl only increases basal glucose uptake and not insulin stimulated glucose update from what I’ve read; and I believe he was taking it with a meal unless I’m mistaken, so in my opinion, I’m not sure it would cause blood glucose to fall, especially in the face of a meal. But getting a blood glucose test would certainly tell for sure.

Could you elaborate?

My point is that if he was taking it with his meal Vanadyl has not been shown to increase insulin mediated glucose uptake… only basal. If he was getting these headaches between meals that would make sense; but not with meals

On Prohormones

Can u give me a good supplement stack thats all legal but could include prohormones etc. and dosage for them. thanks.

Bro, I’ve never taken prohormones and just don’t know much about them honestly

My name is Terrence. I want to remain natural. I’m new to modern supplements. People have been suggesting I need to use steroids to get big. Thanks to you, Skip La Cour & chris Faldo I know that’s not true. I’ll never ever use gear!
So now people are suggesting pro-hormones, specifically Finigenx Magnum by Pharmagenx & SUS500 by Genetic Edge Technologies. Would these be considered wrong for a natural body builder to use? If so, what alternatives would you suggest? Thanks for you time!

Many prohormones are just as bad as steroids in terms of side effects per dose. I would stay away

On Creatine While Cutting

If taking creatine while cutting… what effect will this have? Possibly even gain muscle? or just fuller muscles?

As far as creatine while cutting it will help maintain your fullness & cell volumization which very well may be anti-catabolic.

On Stimulant use and its association with cortisol levels

Don’t you think that Stimulants may increase cortisol too much? I would think that stimulants may be more effective when used to a bare minimum. I know too many people that seem to rely on stimulants far too much. This used to be the case with me when I would use ECA 2x day everyday for a few months. I definitely lost some muscle.

The less frequently you use stims is almost always better.

On Oil supplements:

From your research, would 2 grams of fish oil (maybe 1 tsp of flaxseed oil) with 20 G of whey at bedtime behind to compare to 20 G of plain casein in terms of absorption rates.

i don’t think 2g of fat would be enough to significantly slow absorption

I know you take three scoops of xtend post workout, I was wondering if 1scoop of primal eaa and 1 scoop xtend would also be suffecient?

Probably would work

On mixing whey with carbonated water:

is there any problem that you know of…mixing whey powder with carbonated drinks?any problem with absorbtion or the carbonation degrading the whey?
is it gonna blow up in my stomach like soda and pop rocks?

I think that’s fine probably

On Cissus:

Ive read reports on everything from joint pain riddance to superpumps to test booster.Whats your take? Im buying it this weekend and will test it out. All my joints hurt. Do you think it is a miracle suppelement?

I think cissus is pretty good… but not a miracle supplement to be sure


DHEA.Whats up with this stuff…will I get bitch tits or something?Ive read cancer and the like.Dave says to try 100mg to 300mg for men.You ever try DHEA?What about 7-Keto?

I’ve never tried either, but I don’t think they are dangerous

WMS vs Vitargo:

Layne do u prefer WMS or Vitargo?


On what to extrapolate leucine dosing to does height and weight have any bearing on leucine dosage in your opinion?

Lean body mass possibly.

On Citrulline Malate

Why do you take Citrulline Malate ? The only thing Ive seen it talked about online is for NO2 (which doesnt really have any solid sciecne behind it). Can you name other reasons why this would be a good supplement beyond that? BCAA, Beta-Alaine, Creatine Mono but where does Citrulline Malate place in this stack?

There is quite a bit of evidence that citrulline enhances fatigue resistance.

On Glutamine as a glycogen Resynthesis agent

I know u don’t like L-Glutamine as improving Protein SNythsis or being anti-cataolic. But I’m curious have your feelings taken any consideration to it as a gylcogen resnythsis agent PWO? Some seem to use it as substitute other than carbs for those with higher body fat %.

That’s a possibility; i would like to see it compared to glucose in terms of how much energy it takes and how effective the glycogen resynthesis is.

Comments on this study:

Effect of oral glutamine on whole body carbohydrate storage during recovery from exhaustive exercise

J. L. Bowtell1, K. Gelly1, M. L. Jackman1, A. Patel1, M. Simeoni2, and M. J. Rennie1 1 Department of Anatomy and Physiology, University of Dundee, Dundee, United Kingdom DD1 4HN; and 2 Department of Electronics and Informatics, University of Padua, 35131 Padua, Italy


The purpose of this study was to determine the efficacy of glutamine in promoting whole body carbohydrate storage and muscle glycogen resynthesis during recovery from exhaustive exercise. Postabsorptive subjects completed a glycogen-depleting exercise protocol, then consumed 330 ml of one of three drinks, 18.5% (wt/vol) glucose polymer solution, 8 g glutamine in 330 ml glucose polymer solution, or 8 g glutamine in 330 ml placebo, and also received a primed constant infusion of [1-13C]glucose for 2 h. Plasma glutamine concentration was increased after consumption of the glutamine drinks (0.7-1.1 mM, P < 0.05). In the second hour of recovery, whole body nonoxidative glucose disposal was increased by 25% after consumption of glutamine in addition to the glucose polymer (4.48 ± 0.61 vs. 3.59 ± 0.18 mmol/kg, P < 0.05). Oral glutamine alone promoted storage of muscle glycogen to an extent similar to oral glucose polymer. Ingestion of glutamine and glucose polymer together promoted the storage of carbohydrate outside of skeletal muscle, the most feasible site being the liver.

What do you make of this. From what I understand, Glutamine in a traditional post w/o shake with carbs leads to storage outside of the skeletal muscle system, which we DO NOT want. glutamine only allows storage in the muscle, but glucose only does this as well, with the added benefit of an insulin spike which could possibly enhance nutrient uptake.

One problem with that study is the tracer they used to measure glycogen resynthesis was C-13 glucose. meaning even in the glutamine ‘only’ group they were still receiving a constant infusion of glucose. So how are you to know whether or not the glycogen resynthesis would occur in the abscence of the infusion of glucose? That would be my issue with that study; but not quite sure how you’d get around it

On Beta-Alanine

Do u take beta alanine if so do u cycle it?

Yes & no

do you think it is better to take beta alanine or carnosine. I read that carnosine breaks down into beta alanine and another amino. Just wondering which one you think is better? Also, do you take it pre AND post workout?

Carnosine is made from beta-alanine & histidine, since on a high protein diet you’ll have an excess of histidine, taking beta alanine is just as good as carnosine and it’s about 10x cheaper than carnosine

On natural t-boosting supplements:

Question: since your natural do you take any type of natural booster or that’s against the rules also what other supplements do you take?

Answer: natural test boosters are not banned… most of them are just plant extracts. some may help normalize your testosterone if it is low, but I very much doubt any of them will increase it above normal

On Nettle root Extract:

Comments on ?
Would probably be great if it indeed works

So this is still considered usable by natural bbs?
I do not believe it is banned as the ingredient is stinging nettle root which is naturally occurring

 General supplement information:

Is their anything that you would suggest that may help as far supps or diet?

Well as for diet I talk alot about my theories in this thread and in my webcast I would check that out. as far as supplements

-fish oil
-citrulline malate

On Primaforce BCAA dosing :

How many scoops of primaforce bcaa should i take right before lifting and right after? thats easier

I’d have 2 preworkout & 3 post workout.

On Arginine and Ornithine Combo

What do you think about an Arginine and Orthinine combo like NOW’s

Never was really big on the combo. i assume for GH? i don’t think it’s that effective

On Arginine absorption with other aminos

Is it true that Arginine competes for absorption with other aminos? if this is the truth if my pre work out meal is 1 hour before the workout and its just whey isolate and 1/2 cup oatmeal and i take Arginine 20 min pre workout with creatine and EAAs and BCAAS am i totally wasting my time/money since they “compete” for absorption…do u have any articles on your amino research or anything of that nature.

Even if some aminos compete with others, the transporters are present in excess, it should not be an issue. People make way too much of it

On Tyrosine Dangers:

Thoughts on the potential dangers of tyrosine?

probably not.

On Dialene 4 flushing :

Ok, I took 3 pills of dialene 4 the other day, 30 minutes later I looked like a lobster LOL! I’m assuming its from the niacin.. so i have been taking 2 now im actually kind of nervous to take 3 again because i don’t want to look like a lobster.. is there anyway to avoid this?

Try taking it with a meal

Comments on a Specific Supplement Stack:

I wanted you to check out my supplement stack and let me know what i should dump/add and if you could check out the doses , not sure if im taking to much/ to little or need to add/drop

optimum nutrition multi-vit for men
fish oil concentrate – 8 grams a day
vit c – 2-3 grams a day
vit e – 800 iu’s a day
green tea extract – take as label recomends , about 600mg total
msm – 1000mg a day
glucosamine – 1500mg a day
coral calcium – 2000 mg a day
creatine mono – 5 grams daily
whey protein – as needed
way too much C; at that level you can develop uric acid stones 500mg is MORE than enough… more than 400 IU vitamin E per day has been associated with increased all cause mortality; and that is too much calcium


On ALA supplementation during the 2 week cut protocol

Layne I am currently doing the 2 week mini cut. (thanks again for the help)
I’m also using an ala supp (insulean-k) I read your article, and since we don’t yet know exactly what ALA is doing. Would you recommend NOT taking ALA on the day of the carb up?

I would take it

On Vitamin E toxicity:

Hey Layne I do agree with not taking massive doses But the whole Vit E causes death thing was from a study review and very flawed but it somehow made its way into the media and now even MDs are telling people Vit E kills when thats just not the case. It was WAY over exaggerated. I had to show the facts to my own medical provider who after hearing that too at a conference was telling patients (dont take Vit E supps). Me and him had good standing where we shared info like that all the time. Too bad he left the practice
A simple google I found a good review of the real facts that that announcement was way over the top.…0/ai_n10299312

That announcement made headlines “Vitamin E kills!” lol I do agree though 400Uis is all you need (but be sure to get d- form and mixed) not just massive

While I agree with that; there are other studies also corroborating that too much E will enhance the progression of some diseases… like lung cancer

On an effective supplement stack

Wow! Ok. Well what supplement stack would you suggest instead?

Well, it really depends but for building muscle on a budget i’d go

-BCAAs, I use xtend
-creatine monohydrate
-fish oil

Thanks again Layne. I’m already using all them. What would you use if $$$ wasn’t an issue or you made a lot of cash…

i’d add glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, sesamin, a fatburner like dialene if you are cutting, lipoic acid; that’d probably be it… maybe cissus as well


Waxy Maize is a highly branched polymer starch which has a high molecular weight and is very rapidly digested and released into the bloodstream; faster than dextrose. Whether or not this will impact body composition i’m not sure yet.

On Digestive enzyme supplementation

Layne what’s your take on enzyme supplementation? Effective or unnecessary?

if your digestive system is healthy there is no need for enzymes.

On Sesamin/ALA/Chromium/GDA during Bulking:

From what Ive read in your article it seems like I a need a huge break from dieting. Its been like a year and I just need to relax and up my calories and build some muscle. What’s crazy is that last time I did this my love handles started to shrink. Strength went thru the roof also. I see you recommend Sesamin. I have some kidney issues and insulin resistance so this looks like it may be very helpful for me. Plus it raises leptin levels which I feel are very low in my body from too long of dieting. Can I take Sesamin while bulking?

Sure, I think it works better while bulking honestly

Great!! What about GDA’s? Right now I am eating 6 meals and using 10mg VS and 200mcg chromium polynicotinate per meal .I’ve read that you recommend ALA instead.

Do you think that 100mg ALA/200mcg Chromium at six times per day is toxic to body? I really do respond well to GDA’s. Woke up today very full and lean!!


I’m just a not a big fan of chromium, I have yet to see any evidence it works in non-diabetics

On N-Acetyl Cysteine

Layne- what’s your take on supplementing with n-acetyl cysteine?

I think it’s a pretty good anti-oxidant. It is definitely up there with ala

On Multivitamins

Do have any recommendations for a good multi vitamin…ive used animal pak before…a friend of mine is trying to talk me into a organic multi…what are your thoughts…do u have a specific brand you recommend?

None are really that superior. Some forms are more absorb able than others but to be honest most bodybuilders OVERCONSUME vitamins and minerals

What do you think about high potency multivitamins like opt-men by optimum nutrition, do you think they overload the body with to many vitamins and minerals? Am I better off with a basic men’s multivitamin?

Too much of anything is bad. Just get the recommended

On Beta-Alanine dosing:

I know you recommend taking CMono just on your workout days post workout. What about beta-alanine? Should you take it everyday or just on days you workout?

I would take 2-3g on workout days; 1g on offdays

On Creatine:

I just started using creatine mono! I was wondering what you feel is an appropriate way of taking it: how much, how often, what time etc?

3-5g/post workout per day is plenty

Creatine during fat loss phases

would you recommend creatine for muscle retention during a fat loss period??


On Kre-alkalyn

What do you think of Kre-alkalyn:

kre-alkyln is overpriced bullshit!

Creatine and contest day:

I have heard some people talk bad about taking creatine all the way up to a contest. They say because it will cause you to hold water. I’ll hold as much water as I can if it is not ‘under the skin’. Thoughts??

This is my rebut to that argument. 523

I took creatine all the way up to this show and even took it the day of the show. Water retention?

On Caffeine and Creatine:

Layne, do you know what the effect caffeine has on creatine absorption?

No effect on absorption that I know of.  If it were you, would you consume caffeine and creatine not “together” but in the same day, so to speak? Do you think it makes a difference?  I honestly don’t think it makes a big difference

I was wondering why it is not recommended to consume caffeine with creatine.
There was a study a while back showing caffeine negatively affects the ergogenic effects of creatine, but I’m pretty sure the later studies showed the consensus is they are fine to take together

On Regular Creatine Monohydrate vs mirconized Creatine Monohydrate?

Is mirconized creatine mono better or easily absorbed than regular creatine mono?

no, just mixes in solution better

Hey Layne, I am carb and sugar sensitive…..Is it true that you need to take Creatine Mono with a simple sugar?

No, you don’t need sugar

On Creatine Brands

Do you think creatine is creatine, or do you prefer a specific brand? Thoughts on CEE, CM, KA ?

Well, I’m sponsored by primaforce/scivation so I use the primaforce brand but they have an independent lab test their stuff so I trust them.

As far as CEE vs. CM vs. all the other kinds… monohydrate. Period

On Creatine Loading:

Do you believe in Creatine loading?

it saturates the muscle cell faster; but 5g/day will also saturate it; it just takes longer. Loading may cause GI distress for some

On Creatine Stability :

Does creatine degraded after being in water for a while? I always thought that you only had like 5-10 minutes to drink it before it breaks its bond…and become creatinine.

Oh heavens no, monohydrate is stable for a few weeks

On How much does Layne Personally consume Creatine? How many times u take creatine mono a day?

5g/day just take it post workout

On Cycling Creatine:

What do you think is the affective stop time and off period? I was thinking stop at somewhere between 8-12 weeks. But not sure how long off for the body to recover.

At least a month

Why is it recommended to cycle off creatine?

It seems that the creatine receptor downregulates over time and intracellular levels of creatine start to decline

On Creatine during last week of contest prep:

What’s your take on creatine in the last week of prep?

Creatine is fine… the water retention is intracellular. Nothing wrong with that