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Frequently Asked Questions

Part N: Body Fat Measurements

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On Skinfold Calipers:

What is the proper method to determine bodyfat % using a skinfold calipers ?

You have to pinch as much as you possibly can, not lightly pinch but get as much as you can. And then when you get your reading… at 2-3% to that and you are near your actual bodyfat.

Do you do your own readings with caliper or does somebody else do it? I want to do it myself but don’t know how exactly.

I do it myself

I heard that this would give a false reading by including too much connective tissue in the measurement.

They measure low to begin with, besides adipose tissue contains connective tissue; thus it’s part of the adipose… the same way that connective tissue in muscle is part of muscle

Where do you draw the line? To take it to the extreme: if you measured the ab skinfold whilst sitting you’d probably get a higher reading. Does that mean it’s more accurate?

Actually, if you pinch hard as you can it should be about the same.

On caliper types:

Can you recommend a caliper where you can measure your body fat by yourself which isn’t to expensive but is accurate. Because there are al lot of calipers and the prices differ enormously and I know that not every caliper gives an accurate reading.

Usually it is the person performing the test that is the reason for inaccurate calipers… not the calipers themselves. I use the digital ones.

On converting mm to %

I’m after a bit of help trying to find a body fat calculation chart. I have a set of metal calipers and I can’t seem to find anywhere to convert the mm into %. I once saw a pro bb for a consultation and he pulled out a chart that converted the mm’s over. Do u no of any on the net? I’m not after the ones that you input your measures as I find they’re out by a bit

No, I don’t but I’m sure a Google search will yield results


DXA is the most accurate test available and it put me 3% higher than I was on calipers when I was pinching as hard as I possibly could

Hey layne my contest prep is going good (20 weeks to go). But I would like to get my bf % checked so I know if I’m on the right track what is DXA and average cost. Also, what kind of place does it? For example, if I was looking in the yellow pages what would I look under?
It’s not affordable. It’s usually done by doctors or at clinics for bone density and i believe it’s around $700/scan