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Frequently Asked Questions

Part P: Miscellaneous

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On spot reduction:

It appears spot reducing may indeed be possible, however IMO possibly the best way to do it would be do some abs first to get lipolysis going in that area & your abdominal fat releasing free fatty acids and then do some cardio after that in order to increase the oxidation of those free fatty acids so they are not re-stored.

Abs visible during offseason:

Hey Layne, do you think its possible for a natural that ISNT an ecto to have abs while putting on mass in the offseason?|

certainly. i’m not an ecto by any means

On natural testosterone production:

Do believe working out alot makes and/or helps the body to produce more test?
And how long do natural bodybuilders compete for?? Only reason I ask is because everything you see now a days is about the guys in IFFB. I just turned 24 and am easily the strongest of my life and I feel better vs even when I was teen, but I cant help but wonder if my own natural test is declining even still…

Some of the best natural bodybuilders are in their late 30s and several are even in their late 40s

Natural Federations:

Hey layne I’m competing in my first show next year. Whats a good amateur natty federation to get my feet wet in. I live in San Diego by the way.

On competing in the NPC

Layne, someone asked me a question which got me thinking, have you ever competed in the NPC? If not, got any plans to one day; maybe team universe?

I have competed twice. I got 4th in the LHW division at the 2004 Tampa bay classic & did not place at the caveman in 2004. I was a little discouraged because I felt like I should have done better at both. I’m just not sure I’m a good NPC type physique.

I may do one in the future, just nothing planned right now.

I’m not sure how well I would do in the Team U. Honestly at this point I think I’d get my ass handed to me

NGA posing duration:

How long do the NGA judges usually have you hold poses? I have been holding for 30 seconds in my practice to prep for the show. Now im just trying to get used to the real thing.

30 seconds is more than enough time

On smoking/drinking:

Do you smoke? Do you drink? Do you feel doing these would make you not be a “natural” bodybuilder? Not trying to instigate, but if AAS abstinence is justified by its ill effects, wouldn’t drug use be looked down upon as well.

I do not smoke save the occasional cigar (maybe once every 4-6 months) and I may have ‘a’ drink every couple of weeks; however alcohol in small doses is actually quite good for you. That said I agree with you that many naturals are hypocrites in that many of them cut water (probably more dangerous and damaging than a lot of steroids) and smoke which is definitely worse.

On taking Prohormones/Prosteroids/banned Substances:

Layne, I made a stupid mistake, because i pigged out after my contest and summer was near and I got desperate to in get in shape for summer, so i bought havoc and did a cycle during the summer, will I ever be able to compete as a natural again? I never did a ph before nor touch any kind of performance enhancing drugs. How long should I wait before I do a tested show? 2 years?  Would I only be limited NPC? Could I do OCB? If you were in my shoes what would you do?

If you took a banned substance then you will be relegated to NPC for a bit. ABA drug free length is 3 years, OCB is 5 years and INBF/NANBF is 7 years; some orgs like muscle mania & USBF only require you to pass a urine test the day of the show so if it is out of your system you are good to go.

On Training while sick:

Hey Layne, do you train when your sick? I’ve got shoulders to train today, and I’m not sure if I should tough it out, or take the day off. I felt a cold coming on about 36 hours ago, I’m kinda congested right now, and just feeling a little lethargic and lightheaded. I’ve been worse, but I just want to know if training would be counter productive at this point. Can you build muscle while being sick if you back it up with solid nutrition and sleep?

If you don’t have a fever training moderately will actually help but I would not go super hard & heavy