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No BS Health & Fitness Guide – Ed Mylett

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This week, Dr. Layne Norton is giving you a NO BS FIT GUIDE for you to take into 2023.

Think you have heard it all? Know everything there is to know? Think again!

I’ve been training in the gym for 30 years, and had so many experts on my show… And I was blown away by what I learned in this interview!

You’re going to learn how to do that as we strip away the guesswork and focus on FACTS, PROVEN STRATEGIES, and SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH to OPTIMIZE how your body works best.

Your body is a COMPLEX AND FINELY TUNED MACHINE that makes all other parts of your life possible.

That means if you want to live your BEST LIFE, you must also live your HEALTHIEST LIFE.

My guest, DR. LAYNE NORTON, is one of the world’s leading authorities on NUTRITION AND EXERCISE science. He is a bestselling author, powerlifting champion, professional bodybuilder, and entrepreneur who has devoted his life to creating peak human health by applying state-of-the-art research to his work.

You’ve never heard an approach to taking care of yourself quite like what you’re about to hear from Dr. Layne Norton even if you already take great care of yourself.

This week, no matter how much you already know, you’re going to LEARN how to TAKE YOUR EFFORTS TO THE NEXT LEVEL as we get into…

  • The truth about diet fads and DIETS like KETOGENIC SYSTEMS and INTERMITTENT FASTING.
  • How the PLACEBO effect actually produces benefits for you.
  • The role that TESTOSTERONE and HORMONES play in your health.
  • The importance of CONSISTENCY, HABITS, and how your individual PSYCHOLOGY and SOCIOLOGY affects how you reach your fitness goals and impacts your APPETITE.
  • Food and EATING DISORDERS, and fat storage vs. burning fat.
  • RESISTANCE TRAINING, going to near failure, and CARDIO exercise facts and myths.
  • PLATEAUS and why you look the same even though you keep high-level intensity workouts.
  • What STEPS you can take if you haven’t done much to take care of your physical health before now.

My conversation with Layne is easily the most dense and fact-filled scientific episodes I’ve ever done. There’s a lot to take away, but the biggest one is this.

Where there is OPTIMAL HEALTH, there is OPTIMAL LIFE.

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