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Wellness Tips for 2023 – The Megyn Kelly Show

Megyn Kelly is joined by Tom Bower, author of “Revenge,” to talk about the explosive allegations coming out that will be in Prince Harry’s forthcoming book, whether the allegations are true, Harry turning on his brother and father, whether Meghan Markle is behind the allegations, how Meghan drove a wedge between the brothers, new details about Harry’s “Nazi costume” scandal, and more. Then we shift gears and turn to health and wellness with Dr. Ehsan Ali and Dr. Layne Norton, on the truth about the popular new drug being used for weight loss called Ozempic, other diet and weight loss tips, HGH and NAD and other possible options, the bare minimum on diet and exercise, how genetics play a role in obesity, whether intermittent fasting is a good idea, is diet soda good or bad for you, staying consistent with your eating habits, how exercise helps keep weight off, and more.

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