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Official 2014 Australian VIP Muscle Camp Tour Announcement

I am extremely excited to announce the 2014 Australian VIP Muscle Camp Tour! These 2 day camps will start the 2nd week of March and include top level training & nutrition experts as well as top natural pros. Guests include myself, WNBF Pro Dr. Joe Klemczewski, PhD Nutrition, Multiple time natural world champ Philip Ricardo, Jr. USBF Pro Ben Esgro MS Nutrition, IFPA Pro Ryan Doris Jeremy Loenneke PhD (c) exercise science, IFBB Pro Brooke Erickson, IFPA Pro Paul Revelia, WNBF Pro Kori L. Propst, and NGA Pro Isabel Norton .

We will be coming to Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane with full camps and to Perth & Sydney again for a one day mini camp (Ryan Doris and myself). Please visit or email for more information. Spaces are limited to 25 people per camp, we will NOT take more. Camps will include hard core training sessions with top pros and experts, hours of seminars and Q&As with top level experts, as well as just having a good time with some awesome people. We will also be doing a VIP seminar series associated with FitEx. We have awesome sponsors who will be putting together gift bags worth over $200 for each VIP Camper. We’d like to thank our major sponsor Activewear Online for their support as well as our other awesome sponsors: Bulk Nutrients, Athletic IQ, and Fat Gripz.

Please check out links where you can find more information about our VIP guests

Ryan Doris:

Isabel Norton:

Dr. Joe Klemczewski:

Kori Propst:

Jeremy Loenneke:

Brooke Erickson:

Philip Ricardo Jr.:

Ben Esgro:

Paul Revelia: