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Team Biolayne Seminar

Announcing the FIRST EVER Team Biolayne 2-Day Fitness and Nutrition LIVE Seminar

We are so excited to bring our team to the stage for our first ever LIVE 2-day event! We will be diving deep on all things fitness and nutrition; providing you with all the facts and none of the nonsense.

When: May 20th-21st, 2023
Where: Tampa, FL
Who: Layne Norton and Team Biolayne

Base Ticket: $299 (Day 1)
VIP Ticket: $899 (Days 1 & 2 + VIP After-Party with Layne and Team Biolayne)

*ONLY 10 VIP Tickets Available for Sale


Day 1:

  • How to Read and Understand Research
  • Sports Performance Nutrition
  • Nutrition Strategies for Fat Loss and Building Muscle
  • Strategies for Mitigating Hunger and Improving Satiety
  • Reverse Dieting
  • Overcoming Binge Eating
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Contest Preparation
  • Nutrition and Strength Training for Perimenopause

Day 2:

  • Upper Body Day – Push/Pull for Hypertrophy
  • Training Techniques for Lower Body/Glute Gains
  • VIP After Party with Layne and Team Biolayne
Don’t miss out on the chance to meet Layne Norton and the rest of the Team in person – buy your ticket today!