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Team Biolayne Nutrition Coach

At Biolayne LLC, it is our mission to help more people improve their quality of life through education and practical application of nutrition and exercise science. We are built on a foundation of integrity and transparency and, as such, are committed to providing people with only evidence-based products and services that are both high in quality and affordable for consumers.

We are looking for an enthusiastic nutrition coach to join our growing team of coaches.

Becoming a Team Biolayne Coach is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring dietitians, nutritionists, or those currently pursuing a degree program in dietetics, nutrition, kinesiology, exercise science, and other related fields.

Biolayne provides, among other things, bodybuilding and nutrition coaching services. As part of that role you’ll be required to perform a range of tasks.

Your roles and responsibilities 

As a contractor, you will be required to provide nutrition and training coaching services to Biolayne Coaching Clients. Roles and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Provision of nutrition counseling for general population and bodybuilding competitors on an as needed basis. *Accredited Dietitians are required to counsel with a wider range of clinical conditions (such as diabetes, cardiothoracic, gastroenterology, oncology etc) or any client inquiries received that require more advanced nutrition intervention and counselling services.
  • Investigation and assisting in the implementation of evidence-based nutrition practices and weekly instructions.
  • Performing basic biometric screenings and client questionnaires including: height, current weight, body composition, current calorie or macro intakes, exercise and activity etc.
  • Provide coaching services as trained by Team Biolayne using Intellectual properties of Biolayne.
  • Performs other job duties, as assigned

We pride ourselves on providing a high level of service to our customers, so as a coach you will of course be required to respond to coaching inquiries in a timely fashion. You will be responsible for preparing and issuing invoices to all newly acquired coaching clients using Biolayne Paypal and invoicing services with the help of an administrative intern.

As a Biolayne coach you will be given the opportunity to promote your coaching services using a wide range of Team Biolayne Social media platforms including Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

Below is an example of some of the opportunities you will be extended should you become a member of our coaching team.

  • Feature on feed posts using the Team Biolayne Instagram page 
  • Weekly coaches takeover and Q&A’s using the Biolayne Instagram stories 
  • Participate in Live Team Biolayne Q&A’s, which also includes being featured with Layne on a regular basis.
  • Feature in an educational videos for use on Team Biolayne’s Youtube and IGTV.
  • Featured content in our monthly email blast to our Biolayne mailing list of over 80,000 email subscribers.
  • Feature in our Team Biolayne monthly coaches newsletter where you have the opportunity to showcase your own educational content
  • Feature in weekly instagram stories and feed posts on Layne’s personal social media platforms.


  • Career growth & experience
  • Affiliate opportunities with Layne’s partner companies

What a successful Biolayne coach brings to the table

  • Must have or is currently completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition or Exercise science (or similar), Master`s Degree is Preferred
  • One year of experience preferred
  • A working knowledge about overall health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition.
  • High levels of attention to detail, organization, and time management skills.
  • Strong initiative, self-direction, and integrity to get things done without being micromanaged.
  • The ability to adapt to a fast-paced and dynamic work environment.
  • Motivated leadership and team building mentality.
  • Extroverted, warm, enthusiastic, empathetic, and stimulating communication skills.
  • The ability to be highly attentive to our clients needs by engaging in conversation, actively listening, and answering any questions they may have on social media and email.

We welcome all applications to share their resume and supporting cover letter and/or bonus video describing why you want to be a Team Biolayne coach.

Please email