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Weight loss maintenance after GLP-1 therapy


What did they test? The researchers compared the effects of weight loss medication Saxenda, a supervised exercise program, or a combination of both on weight loss maintenance after one-year termination of active intervention in obese adults.
What did they find? The study found that combining weight loss medication with regular exercise leads to better weight loss maintenance after stopping taking the drugs than those who had taken medication without exercise.
What does it mean for you? For those taking GLP-1 agonist weight loss drugs like Saxenda, adding in regular exercise will help maintain weight loss even after stopping the medication.

What’s the problem?


New GLP-1 receptor agonist weight loss medications, like Saxenda, result in large weight loss primarily due to increasing feelings of fullness. However, maintaining weight loss after stopping medication is a challenge. On top of this, taking them for life may not be an option due to factors such as cost, availability, and eligibility. Therefore, this study investigated weight loss maintenance after medication cessation when comparing exercise with no exercise. 


The authors hypothesized that weight maintenance after medication cessation would be better with exercise than without exercise.

Weight loss maintenance after GLP-1 therapy

What Did They Test and How?


Eligible participants were adults aged 18–65 years with obesity (body mass index 32–43 kg/m2). Exclusion criteria included: (1) patients with any known serious chronic illness, including type 1 or 2 diabetes (or a randomly measured fasting plasma glucose >7 mmol/L), (2) previous bariatric surgery and (3) regular exercise training at high intensity (eg, spinning) >2 hours per week.

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