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Metformin Helps Keep the Weight Off


What did they test? The authors conducted a two-year observational study that explored changes in body weight, cardiometabolic and endocrine parameters in obese women with PCOS who continued taking metformin after stopping semaglutide.
What did they find? At two years follow-up, participants regained one-third of their semaglutide-induced weight loss, and 84% of women still had a lower body weight than at baseline.
What does it mean for you? For women with PCOS taking semaglutide, taking metformin may help to keep the weight off even after stopping semaglutide.

What’s the Problem?


New glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist weight loss medications, like semaglutide, result in large weight loss primarily due to increasing feelings of fullness. However, maintaining weight loss after stopping medication is a known real-world challenge due to compensatory biological changes 1. There are some studies implying that metformin might attenuate weight regain 2. Its effectiveness has also been demonstrated in insulin resistant conditions such as PCOS 3. However, weight loss maintenance after discontinuation of short-term semaglutide treatment in obese women with PCOS who continued metformin treatment has not yet been evaluated.


The authors hypothesized that metformin may partially prevent weight regain after weight loss induced by semaglutide.

Metformin Helps Keep the Weight Off

What Did They Test and How?

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