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The Complete Contest Prep Guide

This is a comprehensive guide to running your own successful contest prep. Based on my own personal experience as well as the thousands of clients I have worked with over the last ten plus years, I lay out all the research and strategies used to help turn athletes in to champions. There is no other comprehensive guide like this out on the market and this will be a game changer for you in your training and dieting approach to getting on stage and winning.


The Complete Contest Prep Guide

Table of Contents

  • About the Authors
  • Introduction: The Journey
  • Preliminary Prep Stages
  • Where to Start: Determining Calorie Intake
  • Where to Start: Macros
  • Physiological Factors Affecting Contest Prep
  • Nutrient Timing and Distribution
  • Refeeding and Diet Breaks
  • Where to Start: Training
  • Continuing the Prep
  • Peak Week: The Final Countdown
  • Posing
  • Misc Preparations
  • Show Day
  • Afterword
  • Resources