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My Lower Back Rehab Exercises


My back pain got so bad that it absolutely incapacitated me. All I could do was lay on the floor, I couldn’t even use the bathroom on my own. This was when I decided that if I ever wanted to compete again pain-free, I needed help. I reached out to Dr. Stuart McGill, one of the worlds leading experts on lower back pain, along with Brian Carroll and my coach Andres, a plan was formulated to rehab my lower back. In this video I take you through the exercises I did every single day to go from excruciating pain to pain-free and able to train again. Keep in mind that these exercises were for me specifically and lower back pain can have many causes. I highly recommend buying ‘The Back Mechanic’ and ‘The Gift of Injury’ by Stuart McGill (and Brian Carroll in GOI) as they will help you identify the cause of your pain specially and help you put together a plan to rehab it.

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