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ISSN Conference 2016


Watch some of the latest research from labs all over the country come together to be presented at the International Society of Sports Nutrition Conference 2016.

Layne Norton 2016 ISSN Presidents Lecture – Weight Regain

Dr. Jose Antonio ISSN Data Blitz

Dr. Bill Campbell ISSN Data Blitz

Dr. Joel Cramer ISSN Data Blitz

Nanci Guest ISSN Data Blitz

Laurin Conlin ISSN Data Blitz

Laurin Conlin ISSN Poster Presentation

Dr. Jason Cholewa ISSN Data Blitz

Dr. Jason Cholewa ISSN Poster Presentation

Dr. Mike Ormsbee ISSN Data Blitz

Dr. Roger Harris ISSN Data Blitz

Dr. Corey Peacock ISSN Data Blitz

Eric Trexler ISSN Poster Presentation

Dan Newmire ISSN Poster Presentation

Danielle Aguillar USF Presentation